For the past two months, Sowing Opportunities held a clothing drive fundraiser. In total, thanks to the kind donations of local friends and neighbors, we collected over 300 large garbage bags filled with clothing, shoes, and bed linens, totaling over 5,000 lbs

For this, the thrift store that received our clothing donations, Savers, compensated Sowing Opportunities with over $1,300 that we can use to buy groceries for additional families in the village of Chajmaic, or start our agricultural project. 

However, for the agricultural project, we need to provide initial and ongoing training, and for this, we need a corporate (or individual) sustainer/s.

Sowing Opportunities is indebted to the capable assistance of Elena Martínez, Valmy González, Joan Vick, Sam Martínez, Antonetta Remedi-Brown, Helen Frances Ray, Mel, Safiyah Fghani, Emily Curley, and Maya Remedi-Brown. They helped us with collecting, bagging, organizing, inventorying, keeping track of, lifting, and transporting bags, as well as taking professional photos and providing website assistance. (Check out Elena’s website!)

Also, Sowing Opportunities is incredibly grateful to Mary Selvoski, master tailor and Seamstress to the New Hampshire stars, who donated over 135 of 40-gallon bags of clothing for our Savers fundraiser, liquidating her stock during the pandemic.

Below are some of the highlights of our clothing drive: 
Thank you again for your assistance. If you would like to donate, you can do so through . You can contact us at .

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