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20th March 2017
This week's survey 

(These survey questions are sent in by our readers. Please spend a minute to give your answer to this week's survey as one or possibly more of your industry peers thinks this question is important and wishes to see your point of view as well as others in the industry.)  

Last week's survey results...
How many signies abide by council regulations relating to sign installations by road or footpaths?
  • This is good topic? as all councils have various regulations and understandings of rules? and if the road front as RMS sanctioned road their rules overrule Council rules and can have a different set of guidelines? and they have final approval only after the councils have approved the signage , Just a lot of bureaucratic game playing by them ,it seems to be a power struggle amongst themselves and the client and the Sign company get stuck in the middle of their games. 
  • We usually abide by our local council rules in the CBD area as they have previously shut us down and made us go and fill out the paperwork before they let us continue so I would rather deal with that beforehand and ensure my installation goes smoothly with no interruptions.Our council charges approx $80 fee for CBD works permits which I state to our clients in the quote and show them the permit if they query it. We have also done early morning installs if its only a fairly quick one and not worried with the permits. 
  • Most of the time No. But if the Job is big or on a very busy road. we do full council approval. (Bill, Bremer Signs
  • It depends on the type of sign. If it is a large structure such as a billboard then it is best to follow the rules and get all relevant approvals. If it is a banner or Aframe then you run the gaunlet and 99 times out of a hundred it is fine. It is only if a complaint is lodged with Council that they ever do anything, or occasionally they get a Bee in their bonnet and drive around with a truck throwing them all in the back. The reality is most signs are quoted and if you added all the fees and time required to comply with all regulations you would never get the job. As long as the sign does not pose a safety risk to the public it is not a problem. Also is it the responsibility of the sign provider or the shop owner to make the decision to place an Aframe on a footpath. 
  • They should do if they are being professional and not bringing discredit to our industry.
  • Yes all the time now. We are a based in Regional Queensland and if you didn't apply for a Council Permit, we always had a Worksafe Officer turn up onsite and audit my installers.
    Last year our local council bylaws changed that now require Traffic Control Companies to issue Traffic Control Plans rather than compiling it yourself (this is for paperwork, not for them to be onsite).
    This has added significant cost to jobs; with a 2 hour permit (small jobs including window graphics or changing the acrylic in an underawning sign) now cost $200 in fees for just a Council Permit and Traffic Plan. With 1 day permits costing $550 for the same thing.
  • "If it's outside the boundary of the property, it will need a permit", that's our response to clients. I feel it is our 'duty of care' to advise clients not our responsibility to enforce local council regulations. At the end of the day we are in business to make professional signs that promote local business and events which should be seen as a positive for all the community.
  • I advise every client of the MRD or council laws.Giving them a visual draft of sign details with measurements and frame specs for them to submit to the council/mrd, seeing as I do not do installs. Then it is up to the client.
  • Our Local council have a very active law office and will ping you in a heart beat so it pays to follow the rules. That said, if the client doesn't wish to go down the legal route, I will supply only and let them arrange fitting. If you let a client know the legalities, they rarely have an issue with it. I did a job in whoop whoop a few years ago, in the middle of the bush. It was not legal in that we didn't get council approval but it was in the middle of nowhere. 20 minutes later I got a call from council giving me 20 minutes to take it down. Turns out one of the sign shops I competed with to get the job dobbed me in. Aside from that job, council regulations are pretty easy to work with, so it's not really an issue to do it right the first time.
  • Not many. I would say about 20% do as the council/law requires. Many "signies" will take high risks on Sunday afternoons. It's amazing to see a sign "magically appear" Monday morning in a difficult-to-install location and nobody knows how it got there. DA's sometime get skipped (even for high pylon signs). "Visual Pollution" only applies "sometimes" (depends on who's your friends). Law-abiding honesty does not appear to pay! Councils need to share the blame as some regulations are outright stupid and risk taking is not policed consistently. Everyone knows when the "policing hours" commence. And how do you interpret the regulation: "A sign shall not be garish" - aren't all signs meant to be "bright and showy" (dictionary def.) I've had my whinge - thanks :-) 
(As a publishing practice to protect ourselves from any potential liability, company and individual names that are referred to negatively in any of these comments are removed.
In addition we reserve the right to remove comments that are blatant advertising for one product or company)

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Please spend a minute to give your answer to this week's survey as one or possibly more of your industry peers thinks this question is important and wishes to see your point of view as well as others in the industry.

If you have a subject that you would like us to survey, please send your subject to brian@wideformatonline.com   Thanks.) 
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New South Wales

(Auburn - Sydney) Epson StylusPRO GS6000
(Posted 13th March 2017)
(Sydney) Epson Pro 7880
(Posted 7th March 2017)
(Kingscliff) DTG M2 For Sale
(Posted 6th March 2017)
(Bexley) Wanted laser machine
(Posted 6th March 2017)
(Wyong) Mimaki printers CJV30-130
(Posted 4th March 2017)
(Chatswood) Viper 2 DTG Digital Printer.
(Posted 1st December 2016)
(Marrickville) Polar 78e 1996 Guillotine
(Posted 27th February 2017)
(Gorokan) Anajet MP10 - DTG garment printer
(Posted 16th February 2017
(NSW, Sydney) Roland Soljet Pro 4 XR-640
(Posted 14th February 2017)
(NSW, Sydney) Shaw Cut Press Guillotine
(Posted 14th February 2017)
(NSW, Silverwater) Anapurna M printer
(Posted 6th February 2017)
(NSW, Newcastle) Mutoh ValueJet 1220mm
(Posted 19th January 2017)
(NSW, Thornleigh) GBC Laminator
(Posted 15th December 2016)
(NSW, Thornleigh) Paper Guillotine
(Posted 7th December 2016)
(NSW, Cromer) Used Roland SJ-1000 PRO II
(Posted 2nd December 2016)

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(VIC, Mulgrave) Wanted - Pallet Wrapper
(Posted 24th February 2017)
(Cranbourne North) Epson 9890
(Posted 21st February 2017)
(Bacchus Marsh) Roland SC-540 Pro 2 ex
(Posted 20th February 2017)
(VIC, Mount Waverly) Epson SureColor T5000
(Posted 13th February 2017)

(Gold Coast) Roland SP540i TakeUp Unit
(Posted 2nd March 2017)
(Biloela) HP Latex 26500 ready to sell
(Posted 23rd February 2017)
(South Brisbane) Mimaki JV300-160 Printer
(Posted 22nd February 2017)
(Brisbane) HP Latex L25500 For Sale
(Posted 20th February 2017)
(QLD, Brisbane) Seiko Teristar SII LP-1020
(POsted 11th February 2017)
( QLD, Brisbane) We have a plan printer
(Posted 25th January 2017)
(QLD, Arana Hills) GBC Catena Laminator
(Posted 6th December 2016)
(QLD, Ormeau) Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1604
(Posted 6th December 2016)
South Australia

(Clovelly Park) LAMINATOR HEAT ASSIST 1600mm
(Posted 21st February 2017)

Western Australia RE
(Canning Vale) Roland XC-540 Soljet Pro III
(Posted 22nd February 2017)
(Canning Vale) ATOMEX LM-70G Line Marker - 1 Gun Set Up
(Posted 22nd February 2017)
(Busselton) Drytac AFC 1600 Liquid Laminator
(Posted 20th February 2017)
(WA, Bibra Lake) HP Design Jet L26500
(Posted 9th February 2017)
(WA, Perth) Densitometer wanted
(Posted 2nd December 2016
         New Zealand

(Posted 27th February 2017)  HERE

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  New South Wales  
(Posted 8th March 2017)
(Ingleburn) Sign Writer/ Production
(Posted 7th March 2017)
(NSW) Sales Area Manager
(Posted 28th February 2017)
(Sydney, Leichhardt) Digital Print Operator
(Posted 24th February 2017)
(NSW) Area Business Development Manager
(Posted 20th February 2017)
(Sydney) Scheduling Manager
(Posted 20th February 2017)
(NSW, Sydney, Artarmon) Graphic Installer
(Posted 25th January 2017)


(VIC, Mordialloc) Installer
(Posted 15th December 2016)
(VIC, Mordialloc) Apprentice Printer wanted
(Posted 12th December 2016)
(Posted 1st December 2016)

  New Zealand  
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