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15th August 2016
This week's survey 
(These survey questions are sent in by our readers. Please spend a minute to give your answer to this week's survey as one or possibly more of your industry peers thinks this question is important and wishes to see your point of view as well as others in the industry.)  

Last week's survey results...
  • If anyone out there is having trouble collecting money I strongly recommend you attend the Seminar of Andrew Le Marchant from the Australian Institute of Credit Management, at The Visual Impact Sydney 2016 Expo Friday September 16th at 12 noon, he will talk on this very subject. He will also have his own booth for private discussions (Peter, Visual Connections). 
  • We had reduced bad debts to practically nothing over the last 5 years by taking 50% deposits from new customers. Last year though we lost a total of $20k from regular customers going into liquidation, in each case they were spending monthly and paying in 30 day terms, but they stung us in their final month. 
  • We don't have bad debts that last a year. Your client needs to know you expect to be paid and they should see clearly the process through the job. You need to do a risk assessment: High risk clients (ie building, developing, regular Pty Ltd name changers) 100% payment upfront. Why work for free and give away materials when you could be sitting at home burning money on a bonfire in the back yard? Regular good payers get 30day accounts (but, you need to monitor this - things change). If there is a problem/dispute get it resolved before it explodes.
  • Last financial year we lost just over $35,000.00 in both income, paying storage and paying solicitors.
  • When there is big money involved we do all sorts of credit checks but our business runs on small clients mainly and we look after them sometimes to our peril. Wrong I know but some clients become friends and it is difficult to apply the necessary discipline with friends - also dangerous to mix business with friendships/family.

(As a publishing practice to protect ourselves from any potential liability, company and individual names that are referred to negatively in any of these comments are removed.
In addition we reserve the right to remove comments that are blatant advertising for one product or company)

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Please spend a minute to give your answer to this week's survey as one or possibly more of your industry peers thinks this question is important and wishes to see your point of view as well as others in the industry.

If you have a subject that you would like us to survey, please send your subject to brian@wideformatonline.com   Thanks.) 
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2nd Hand Machinery/Auctions.


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New South Wales

(NSW, Thornleigh) Polar 92E
(Posted 15th July 2016) 
(NSW, Helensburgh) EPSON GS6000
(Posted 22nd June 2016)
(NSW, Marrickville) Roland gx500 plotter.
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(VIC, Hallam) Roland XR640 Printer
(Posted 12th July 2016
 (Posted 8th May 2016)

(QLD, Loganholme) Job lot - $5000
(POsted 25th July 2016)
(QLD, Brisbane) JV33-130sp.
(Posted 18th July 2016)
(QLD, Brisbane) Mimaki JV33-160
(Posted 18th July 2016)
(QLD, Grange) Epson gs6000.
(Posted 3rd July 2016)
(Posted 7th June 2016)
Northern Territory
South Australia

Western Australia RE
(WA, Perth) Wanted - I am looking for a printer cutter
(Posted 15th August 2016)
(WA, Kingsley) xrite i1pro, as new in carry case complete with all extras.
(Posted 29th July 2016)
         New Zealand ACE HERE

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  New South Wales  
(NSW, Minto) Signmaker Extraordinaire
(Posted 22nd July 2016)
(All States) National Sales Manager
(Posted 15th June 2016)
(Posted 20th May 2016)
(NSW, Sydney North West) Signwriter
(Posted 20th May 2016)

(All States) National Sales Manager
(Posted 15th June 2016)

(All States) National Sales Manager
(Posted 15th June 2016)
South Australia

(All States) National Sales Manager
(Posted 15th June 2016)


(Posted 15th June 2016)
  New Zealand  
Businesses for sale/wanted

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Smile: It's only Monday!

She wanted to serve her guests mushroom-smothered steak b ut she had no mushrooms and no time to buy them.  
Her husband suggested, "Why don't you go pick some of the mushrooms   that are growing wild down by the stream?  
"No, some wild mushrooms are poisonous." 
"Well, I see squirrels eating them and they're OK." 
So she picked a bunch and washed, sliced and sauted them for her dinner. 
Then she went out on the back porch and gave Spot, their dog, a double handful.  
Spot ate every bite.  
All morning long, she watched the dog. 
The wild mushrooms hadn't affected him after a few hours, so she decided to use them. 
The meal was a great success. 
After everyone had finished, her daughter came in and whispered in her ear,
  "Mum, Spot is dead."  
Trying to keep her head about her, she left the room as quickly as possible, c alled the doctor and told him what had happened.  
The doctor said, "That's bad, but I think we can take care of it.    I'll call for an ambulance and I'll be there as quickly as I can.  
We'll give everyone enemas and we'll pump out their stomachs   and everything will be fine.  
Just keep them calm." 
Before long they started to hear the sirens as the ambulance tore down the road. 
The  Paramedics and the doctor had their suitcases, syringes, and a stomach pump. 
One by one, they took each person into the bathroom, gave them an enema 
and pumped out their stomach.  
Well after midnight, after the last one was done the doctor came out and said,  
"Everything will be okay now," and with that he left.  
The hosts and the guests were all weak and knackered sitting around the l
iving room when the daughter came in and said to her mum.....
"I can't believe that guy!" 
"What guy?" 
"You know, that bastard who ran over Spot; 
He never even slowed down."

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