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6th March 2017
This week's survey 

(These survey questions are sent in by our readers. Please spend a minute to give your answer to this week's survey as one or possibly more of your industry peers thinks this question is important and wishes to see your point of view as well as others in the industry.)  

Last week's survey results...
How often do you receive files for printing that you either reject or require a huge amount of work before they can be printed?
  • Not very often, if we're expecting someone to give us print-ready files then we supply a document outlining the required specs. 
  • Not that often as we communicate files are to be supplied from their designer or marketing team, small projects we create the files in-house.
    Occasionally we will receive the odd .doc file and request the client send files to our specifications. (Justin, Just In Signs)
  • Daily everyone has a niece or cousin who does graphics.
  • Probably about 2% of the files that come in are needing a work around as they are not suitable, if I include files where the client used MS Word for a rough layout and we need to process those into a proper layout then its probably about 20%. (Paul, Acacia Print (NZ))
  • At least a few times a month as we require no crop marks in the bleed area. Also graphic designers tend to leave everything in the file even if it is not visible and never flatten anything. That results in files that far larger than they need to be and then the RIP program refuses to work when the file is at full size.
  • We often receive files from so called graphic designers that unfortunately do not understand the different requirements for signage files, fail to outline fonts or they have so many hidden layers that the file size is twice what it should be! However by far the most common issue is the customer that designs their own artwork either on line or with Photoshop and send us the jpg file at say 33KB then wonder why we have to charge them to redo the file! As they say everyone is an expert!
  • Multiple times, every single day. Young graphic artists are graduating not knowing what bleed is, or how to set up a print ready file. Transparencies are often not flattened, People are trawling the internet for images and sending thumbnail to be printed at A0, or expecting a selfie taken at night on their phone to print as a canvas. And then there are the people who save money(??) by employing overseas graphic artists who don't know the size of a letterhead, envelope or even a business card.
  • A Print ready file is a relative concept. High resolutions pdf's are convenient but only efficient if they are set up right and that is rarely the case. By having a close relationship with our customers and designers most issues are weeded out in the sampling and proofing process. It makes sure that there are no surprises for anyone and a great result is achieved. Shortcuts are rarely that when it comes to print. (Fredrik, Flash Photobition).
  • More often than we would like. We go to the trouble of telling the customer and putting it into email to them preferred formats and why but often get tiny jpeg they have pulled of their website.
  • ?: If I had a single dollar for ever time I was told "This artwork was prepared by a professional" or "It look fine on my screen" I could retire a very rich man instead of looking forward to working until I'm 80 or drop dead. The graphic arts industry including Sign/ Graphic Design/Printing and all finishing only has it self to blame. I pushed the idea in the 70's that ALL associated industries should be required to be licensed just like the Electrical/Plumbing Building Industries, Doctors Dentists etc. If you aren't certified you CAN"T operate. I mean to say you wouldn't send you child to a plumber for his teeth would you. So why in Gods name do we put up with so called "Experts" purporting to be Graphic Designers, Printers or Sign Writers. (Steve, Cabra Print).
  • 95% of files we receive do not have outlines created and are not the correct size. Graphic designers are the scourge of our industry all they do is make things harder for the person who has to print the job. I dont't know how they can charge such high prices for what they do when 95% of the files they send are incorrect. Wake up to your selves and create a file with outlines so i can fix your incorrect files!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(As a publishing practice to protect ourselves from any potential liability, company and individual names that are referred to negatively in any of these comments are removed.
In addition we reserve the right to remove comments that are blatant advertising for one product or company)

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Please spend a minute to give your answer to this week's survey as one or possibly more of your industry peers thinks this question is important and wishes to see your point of view as well as others in the industry.

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New South Wales

(Marrickville) Polar 78e 1996 Guillotine
(Posted 27th February 2017)
(Gorokan) Anajet MP10 - DTG garment printer
(Posted 16th February 2017
(NSW, Sydney) Roland Soljet Pro 4 XR-640
(Posted 14th February 2017)
(NSW, Sydney) Shaw Cut Press Guillotine
(Posted 14th February 2017)
(NSW, Silverwater) Anapurna M printer
(Posted 6th February 2017)
(NSW, Newcastle) Mutoh ValueJet 1220mm
(Posted 19th January 2017)
(NSW, Thornleigh) GBC Laminator
(Posted 15th December 2016)
(NSW, Thornleigh) Paper Guillotine
(Posted 7th December 2016)
(NSW, Cromer) Used Roland SJ-1000 PRO II
(Posted 2nd December 2016)
(NSW, West Gosford) Drying racks x 6 ,
(Posted 30th November 2016)
(NSW, Silverwater) Anapurna M printer
(Posted 4th November 2016)

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(VIC, Mulgrave) Wanted - Pallet Wrapper
(Posted 24th February 2017)
(Bacchus Marsh) Roland SC-540 Pro 2 ex
(Posted 20th February 2017)
(VIC, Mount Waverly) Epson SureColor T5000
(Posted 13th February 2017)
(VIC, Moorabbin) Canon IPF8000s for sale.
(Posted 28th November 2016)
(VIC, Tullamarine) Polar 115x Pls
(Posted 8th November 2016)

(Gold Coast) Roland SP540i TakeUp Unit
(Posted 2nd March 2017)
(Biloela) HP Latex 26500 ready to sell
(Posted 23rd February 2017)
(South Brisbane) Mimaki JV300-160 Printer
(Posted 22nd February 2017)
(Brisbane) HP Latex L25500 For Sale
(Posted 20th February 2017)
(QLD, Brisbane) Seiko Teristar SII LP-1020
(POsted 11th February 2017)
( QLD, Brisbane) We have a plan printer
(Posted 25th January 2017)
(QLD, Arana Hills) GBC Catena Laminator
(Posted 6th December 2016)
(QLD, Ormeau) Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1604
(Posted 6th December 2016)
South Australia

(Clovelly Park) LAMINATOR HEAT ASSIST 1600mm
(Posted 21st February 2017)
(Norwood) Seiko I Infotech V-64s
(Posted 17th November 2016)

Western Australia RE
(Canning Vale) Roland XC-540 Soljet Pro III
(Posted 22nd February 2017)
(Canning Vale) ATOMEX LM-70G Line Marker - 1 Gun Set Up
(Posted 22nd February 2017)
(Busselton) Drytac AFC 1600 Liquid Laminator
(Posted 20th February 2017)
(WA, Bibra Lake) HP Design Jet L26500
(Posted 9th February 2017)
(WA, Perth) Densitometer wanted
(Posted 2nd December 2016
(WA, Bibra Lake) Seal 62 Plus Laminator - $1600
(Posted 30th November 2016)
(WA, Perth) Millenium Sublimation badge & ID card printer.
(Posted 21st November 2016)
(WA, Perth) Printing/brokerage wanted
(Posted 9th November 2016)
(WA, Welshpool) Summa dc3 thermal print cut
(Posted 2nd November 2016)
         New Zealand

(Posted 27th February 2017)  HERE

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  New South Wales  
(NSW) Sales Area Manager
(Posted 28th February 2017)
(Sydney, Leichhardt) Digital Print Operator
(Posted 24th February 2017)
(NSW) Area Business Development Manager
(Posted 20th February 2017)
(Sydney) Scheduling Manager
(Posted 20th February 2017)
(NSW, Sydney, Artarmon) Graphic Installer
(Posted 25th January 2017)
(NSW, Artarmon) Production Assistant Required
(Posted 29th November 2016)


(VIC, Mordialloc) Installer
(Posted 15th December 2016)
(VIC, Mordialloc) Apprentice Printer wanted
(Posted 12th December 2016)
(Posted 1st December 2016)

  New Zealand  
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