Newsletter, 6th January 2020
Highlights from the Jan/Feb issue
Welcome to the first issue of Resurgence & Ecologist  for the new decade. To mark veganuary and reflect the rising interest in plant-based diets, our January/February issue explores the theme of veganism.

In the this issue we interview broadcaster Chris Packham and learn about his vegan journey, we look at the impact of veganism on mitigating the climate crisis, and we find out why more followers of Jainism are going dairy-free.

We invite you to read our featured articles from this issue of Resurgence & Ecologist and hope you find much to enjoy. 
Reconnecting with Nature
Catherine Early speaks to environmentalist Adjany Costa about her internationally-acclaimed work developing a model to encourage wildlife conservation while fighting local poverty in Angola.

Achieving a Just Transition
Nick Robins looks at recent shifts in the climate agenda and the move to include social justice and equality into the mix. He focuses our attention on the high stakes and bold approaches that will be required if we are to get the transition to a climate-neutral economy right. 

A lot to learn
Can allotments save the Earth? Dave Goulson considers whether it’s possible to grow food and support nature at the same time. He shares his ideas on what truly sustainable agriculture could look like and the policies that are needed to support small-scale growing.

The Journey Beyond Veganuary
Broadcaster Chris Packham joined over a million people in going vegan for Veganuary in 2019. A year later, our editor Marianne Brown catches up with him to hear about his experiences – the challenges and the benefits – one year on. 

The Highest Form of Spirituality
Claudia Goncalves ponders the link between activism and spirituality: “While most people are sleepwalking through life, or seeking profit and the accumulation of material possessions, activists travel light, flying on the wings of their consciousness... seeking a new truth.” 

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