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Dear Friend of Resurgence,

November 28th is Thanksgiving - a national holiday in America with its roots in celebrating the harvest. Taking time to celebrate the harvest is an act of respect for nature's abundance - and a reminder that our lives are dependent on healthy soil and a healthy planet. 

Resurgence is committed to reconnecting people with the living Earth and finding positive solutions to the challenges we face as individuals and as communities across the globe. 

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This week we received this lovely quote from a reader: 

"Thank you for the breathing space, positive news and beauty over the years. You have been an oasis of nourishment to the body, soul and spirit." - Patricia

What better way to celebrate than sharing such a gift? 

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Earth Pathways Diary 2019 

A full-colour diary with art and poetry to inspire our connection to the land. 

More than just a diary, this is a networking resource and inspiration for people who are willing to actively create positive change in their lives for the benefit of the Earth. 

Page a week view, month at a view planners, year planner and notes pages. 

£14 plus p&p 

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The Great British Wildlife Hunt 

A first sighting of an unexpected bird or an elusive mammal can encourage a lifetime's interest in nature. This RSPB book is perfect for anyone who enjoys a walk in the woods or a coastal stroll. 

This book encourages you to actively find species everywhere you go, by learning to recognise landscape features, habitats and niches, and spot other signs that a species is nearby. Each species has a score to inspire friendly competition on your days out. (Paperback, 224 pages)

£10.99 plus p&p 

RSPB Pocket Guide to British Birds  

This brand new edition of the best-selling field guide from the RSPB is compact, informative and beautifully-illustrated, featuring 215 of the most common birds found in Britain. 

The guide gives clear and concise descriptions covering identification, calls and song, habitat, distribution and status, behaviour and easily confused species. 

Almost 950 colour illustrations and 215 colour distribution maps. Portable and easy-to-use format - featuring one or two species per page, making it perfect for use in the field. 

Price £6.99 plus p&p

SOS - What you can do to reduce Climate Change

Your actions make a difference - even the smallest ones, everyday. Discover simple ways to reduce your personal carbon emissions, proven to work by scientific research. Make impactful changes at home, at work, to how you shop, eat and live.

Understand how to use your voice and voting power effectively too, based on what statistics show really contributes to change. You'll be surprised how much power you have to make a change within your community. 

Price £7.99 plus p&p

How to Save the World

A fun and accessible guide to a serious issue, this book recognises that millions of people making small changes to their lifestyles can make a real difference.  Natalie Fee's upbeat and engaging book is a life-altering guide to making those changes that will contribute to helping our planet.

Covering all key areas of our lives
, this book will encourage you to think and live differently. You will feel better, live better and breathe better in the knowledge that every small change contributes towards saving our world. 

Price £12.99 plus p&p

For a wider selection of brilliant, inspiring books, including books on gardening, foraging, mindfulness, meditation, living simply, herbalism and more, visit our online shop

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