Fifth Sunday of Easter
May 14, 2017

"We invite everyone to share communion around God's altar. 
We strive to be a welcoming and relevant Christian community doing what matters through prayer, worship, teaching, outreach, fellowship, and service.  
We will demonstrate the real life application of scripture, tradition, and
reason by providing a safe place to respond to each other's needs,   
hurts, joys, and interests." 
Resurrection Episcopal Church
1755 Duncan Bridge Rd.
Sautee-Nacoochee, GA 30571


"The Episcopal Church in White County"

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Pastoral Care Corner
Youth Sunday
Preschool News
Christian Formation
Easton Cain Memorial Preschool Garden
Dottie Bardenwerper's 90th Birthday Celebration Invitation
Bunco Night Pics
Traveling Butterfly
Congratulations to Lucy Alexander
Christian Formation Meeting
Parish Hall Art & Decor Committee Meeting
Live Like Easton 5K
Easton Cain Memorial Golf Tournament
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Sunday - 14th 
8:15  Holy Eucharist II 
9:30 Christian Formation
10:30  Holy Eucharist II

Monday - 15th
5:30  Yoga
Tuesday - 16th
10:00 Exercise
11:30  WRECs' lunch @ Wendell's
6:00 Boy Scouts
Wednesday - 17th  
10:00 Preschool Chapel
6:00 Christian Formation Meeting
6:30 Choir Practice
8:00 AA Meeting

Thursday - 18th
6:00 Compassion Meeting

Saturday - 20th
10:00 Art & Decor Committee Meeting
May 14, 2017

The Lectionary 
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First Reading
Acts 7:55-60

Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16

Second Reading
 2 P
1 Peter 2:2-10

The Gospel
John 14:1-14
8:15 pm

Joe Cash

Dennis Bergin

Joe Cash

Debbie McLean

10:30 a.m.

Addie Bolton

Raegan Cash
Aubrey Bolton

Ben Johnston
Lucy Alexander
Shelby Scalia - Gospeller

Mary Geidel

Chris Geidel

Dwayne Vandiver
Ben Bolton

Austin Cundiff
Stephanie Bolton

Children's Chapel
Lori Kimsey

Pat Roland/Nancy Lambdin
Community of Hope LEV

Joanna Moylan

Chris Geidel

Social Hour

Vestry Person 
of the Day
Linda Perry

If you are unable to serve in your designated ministry, please find a replacement and then contact the church office with the change .
Resurrection  Cycle of  Prayer
5/14  Larry & Kathy Holbrook, the Johnston family, Peg Jones, Jan Kay & Kelly Smith
5/15  Russ Keen, Allene Kelley, the Kendall family, the Kidd family, Dan Kiessling, Patsy Kiessling
5/16  The Kimsey family, Bill Kinsland, the Koeppel family, Richard & June Krise, Paul & Cynthia Kimball
5/17  Gretchen Kwatra, Jeb LaChine, Bob & Nancy Lambdin, Kevin & Nancy LaForce, Bob & Deb Kroll
5/18  Chad & Katie Rose Ledford, Dave & Jane Maier, John & Rene McClatchey
5/19  Ringo & Sherry McCollum, Debbie McLean, Mel & Jane Mellinger, the Merritt family

5/20  Lloyd & Susan Mills, Jane Mitchell, Art & Joanna Moylan, the Newton family
May 14-20
5/14  Conner Schutt 

5/16 Emily Nonnemaker

5/17  Austin Cundiff, Jim Engebretson

5/20 Alice Wydra

None known  
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Welcome to the latest edition of our eNewsletter.
Wherever you are on your faith journey, may you discover God's spirit here at Resurrection. May you experience God's love and feel God's blessing as you participate in the life of the parish.
We will see you in church!
If you or someone you know is in need of pastoral care, please contact the parish office, a member of the clergy, or a member of the vestry.  Please do not hesitate to let us know of any needs that arise.
Pastoral Care Corner
Cynthia Kimball  is having surgery on Monday.

Hans Schacht is in hospice care.

            Preschool News

               Live Like Easton Bike-a-Thon
                            May 4, 2017

Our students had so much fun riding their bikes.  All money raised will go toward a scholarship in memory of Easton Cain.

Christian Formation
If the Resurrection did happen, there must be some difference not only in our lives, but also for the world. What is the hope when faced with  death, decay, and brokenness? How can one survive the destructive powers of this world?  The answer to this question involves a journey into the tomb and an emergence out of it.  Join us in our Christian formation time at 9:30 on May 14 as we start this eight-week focus on the Practices of Resurrected Life.
Easton Cain Memorial Preschool Garden

The front of the Preschool has been re-landscaped and dedicated as the Easton Cain Memorial Garden. The project was spearheaded by preschool teacher Beth Casey and her husband, Officer Chris Casey of the White County Sheriff's department. Preschool teacher Diane Dean also contributed by painting the little boy concrete figure to represent Easton in his preschool shirt. Some of the plants were donated by the Cain family. The garden will be an interactive garden for the preschool students to plant and pick fresh herbs. Thank you Miss Beth and Chris!  
No presents, please; however, to honor Dottie, her family is collecting non-perishable food items to be given to a local food pantry.  If you would like to participate in this way, a basket will be at the door for your donation.  If you are unable to attend, we would very much like to present Dottie with a basket of well wishes in the form of cards or letters. Please send your greetings c/o Tari Watson, 23 Cameo Drive, Flat Rock, NC 28731.  For a map to the party, please see  Nancy Phillips .  Balloons will mark your way to the celebration!  
Bunco Night Pics
May 5, 2017
Photo credit:  Suzanne D'Abate

Traveling Butterfly
Suzanne D'Abate
"I visited my sister in Arizona where it's too hot to grow grass and they use a special rake to keep the landscape pebbles looking good!"  
Congratulations to Lucy Alexander
April Middle School Indian of the Month 
at Tallulah Falls School
Seventh grader Lucy Alexander of Sautee Nacoochee was named an Indian of the Week by track and field coach Scott Neal.  "Lucy set a personal record in the high jump (4'3") to place fourth and placed third and second in the 1600 meters and 800-meter events, respectively, at the Tri State Championship," Neal said.  "Lucy trained hard throughout the season, set goals, and pursued excellence while being a tremendous teammate and role model."
Christian Formation Meeting

The Christian Formation team will meet on  Wednesday, May 17, at 6:00 p.m.  to discuss Resurrection's summer Children, Youth and Adult Christian Education scope.

Anyone interested is encouraged to attend. If you have any questions, please contact  Joe Cash .  
Parish Hall Art & Decor Committee Meeting
Saturday, May 10, 10:00 a.m.
Would you like to help plan what our new space will look like?   Jo in Mary Geidel on Saturday, May 20, at 10:00 in the parish hall to begin
 plan ning.  Call or email Mary at 706-892-6611 or .

Pledge Today for 2017! 

The Annual Giving Campaign for 2017 is now under way.

You can make your pledge online through Resurrection's secure website, Simply go to our website  and click on the top middle tab, "Giving," then click on "Estimate of Giving for 2017." Just fill out the simple form and your confidential pledge will be forwarded to the church office. It is really easy!
Church is an important part of all of our lives and your pledges support our ministry in the community. Thank you.
The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection 
1755 Duncan Bridge Rd.
Sautee-Nacoochee, GA 30571

The Rt. Rev. Robert Wright, Bishop
The Rev. Scott Kidd, Rector
Brandon Nonnemaker, Minister of Music
Leanne Kinney, Parish Musician
Sonya Chesser, Preschool Director
Paula Cundiff, Sexton 
Michelle Boyce (2017) - Participation
Linda Perry, Junior Warden (2017) - Compassion
Becky Schacht (2017) - Compassion
Joe Cash, Senior Warden (2018) - Formation
Dolores Chandler (2018) - Participation
Fonda Dodd (2018) - Participation 
Chris Geidel (2019) - Administration
Jan Kay (2019) - Compassion
Michael Randall (2019) - Formation
Larry Holbrook, Treasurer 
Patsy Kiessling, Recording Secretary

Patsy Kiessling
The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection