The Fourth Sunday of Advent
December 22, 2019
"We invite everyone to share communion around God's altar. 
We strive to be a welcoming and relevant Christian community doing what matters through prayer, worship, teaching, outreach, fellowship, and service.  
We will demonstrate the real life application of scripture, tradition, and
reason by providing a safe place to respond to each other's needs,   
hurts, joys, and interests." 
Resurrection Episcopal Church
1755 Duncan Bridge Rd.
Sautee-Nacoochee, GA 30571


"The Episcopal Church in White County"

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In This Issue
Pastoral Care Corner
2020 Annual Giving
Music Notes
Christmas Pageant Camp
Christmas Service Schedule
Ministry Schedule Christmas Eve
Preschool Pics
Christmas Party Pics
Sunday, December 22
8:15  Holy Eucharist II w/o music
10:30   Holy Eucharist II w/Baptism

Monday, December 23
Preschool Holiday
12:30 AA Meeting
5:30 Yoga
Tuesday, December 24
Christmas Eve
Preschool Holiday
5:00 Christmas Mass w/Children's Pageant

December 25
Christmas Day
Preschool Holiday
11:00 Christmas Mass w/o music
6:30 ACA Meeting
7:00 AA Meeting

Thursday, December 26
Preschool Holiday

Friday, December 27
Preschool Holiday
7:30 Cocaine Anonymous
December 22, 2019
The Lectionary 
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First Lesson
Isaiah 7:10-16

Psalm 80:1-7, 16-18

Second Lesson
Romans 1:1-7

Matthew 1:18-25
8:15 a.m.

Steve Wydra

Gary D'Abate

Dennis Bergin

Suzanne D'Abate

10:30 a.m.

Shelby Scalia


Shelby Scalia
Don Scalia

Mary Geidel

Chris Geidel

Denise Dorsey/Mallory Nonnemaker

Nancy LaForce
Jan Kay

Nancy Phillips
Roxanne Hall

Children's Chapel
Patty Kidd

Dennis Bergin

Dolores Chandler

Kathy Holbrook
Vestry Person 
of the Day
Nancy LaForce

If you are unable to serve in your designated ministry, please find a replacement and then contact the church office with the change .
Resurrection  Cycle of  Prayer
12/22   Don & Cathy Parrish, Bill & Linda Perry, Patti Petit
12/23 Doug & Nancy Phillips, Ron & Debbie Phillips, Genny Phillips, Gil & Hope Pollitt
12/24  Perry & Carol Prescott, Jack Prince, Peggy Puryear
12/25  The Roberts family, Michael & Hilary Randall, John & Bobbi Rees
12/26  Herb & Nancy Rish, Larry & Pat Roland, Christine Runkle, Terry & Louise Savoy, Becky Schacht, Helen Schlaefflin

12/27  The Scalia family, William & Marty Scalia, the Schutt family, Hillary & Will Sheppard

12/28  Mike & Marianne Seitz, the Sieveking family, the Smith family, the Steele family, Gena Taylor
12/25 Christina Ernst, Bill Perry

12/28 Deb Kroll

None Known
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Welcome to the latest edition of our eNewsletter.
Wherever you are on your faith journey, may you discover God's spirit here at Resurrection. May you experience God's love and feel God's blessing as you participate in the life of the parish.
We will see you in church!
If you or someone you know is in need of pastoral care, please contact the parish office, a member of the clergy, or a member of the vestry.  Please do not hesitate to let us know of any needs that arise.
Pastoral Care Corner

Michael Randall is undergoing a new chemo therapy for metastatic colon cancer.
Shining our Light:
2020 Annual Giving Campaign

Thank you for being grateful, responsible stewards of the gifts we receive from God.  What a blessing and honor to be stewards of what God has given to us!  Thank you for supporting our ministry and mission at Resurrection and allowing Resurrection members to be beacons of light in our parish and out in the community. No matter what amount you pledge to Resurrection, your commitment makes a difference in the ministry and mission we do. As part of your spiritual discipline, we hope you will make sure to joyfully turn in your pledge so we can continue to shine our light in the parish and in our community. 

You can pledge by filling out a card found in the narthex, or the easiest and most secure way to offer your pledge is by going to 

We hope to have all 2020 commitments turned in by December 8th. Thank you for being a blessing!


A solo by Patsy Kiessling

Ministry Schedule
Tuesday, December 24, 2019
5:00 p.m.

Ben Johnston
Acolyte Morgan Johnston
Acolyte Aubrey Bolton
LEM/Int. Ray Gregory
LEM Brian Johnston
Altar Madeline Braswell
Ushers Larry Roland
Jennifer Smith
Greeters Pat Roland
Tera Johnston
Flowers Flower Guild Team
Teller Nancy LaForce
Vestry Person of the Day Katie Lynam
Preschool Pics

              Preparing for the Christmas Pageant

Christmas Party Pics

The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection 
1755 Duncan Bridge Rd.
Sautee-Nacoochee, GA 30571

The Rt. Rev. Robert Wright, Bishop
The Rev. Scott Kidd, Rector
The Rev. Sue Duffield, Priest Associate
Luanne Wedd, Administrative Assistant
Dr. Brandon Nonnemaker, Minister of Music
Cassie Fincher, Preschool Director
Christy Harris, Director of Youth Ministry
Paula Cundiff, Sexton 
Jan Kay, Senior Warden (2019) - Compassion
Nancy LaForce (2019) - Compassion
Michael Randall (2019) - Formation
Vacant (2020) - Administration
Christina Ernst (2020) - Participation
Ringo McCollum, Junior Warden (2020) - Participation
Katie Hardy (2021) - Formation
Katie Lynam (2021) - Participation
Vacant (2021) - Administration
Dr. John McClatchey, Treasurer 
Patsy Kiessling, Recording Secretary

Patsy Kiessling
The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection