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Retail - 
We will be open today November 25th, and our regular hours through the new year - Friday and Saturday, 10 to 3 at Fairhaven Furniture.
We anticipate the opening of a second location in Bridgeport around the beginning of the year. 

Our retail  plan is to have vendor space in these two locations. A limited inventory that includes samples from current jobs, along with the usual array of unusual salvaged items. The emphasis is on us selling directly from job sites, or customers buying online and picking up at one of the outlets. 

This means we advertise materials before we remove them from houses, so to see those materials one has to check online- our website, Instagram and Facebook. If you are looking for a particular item, send us an e-mail with particulars. If you have something to give to us or have a job for us ( see our range of services on our website), send photos and details via e-mail.

There will still be plenty of opportunity to browse at each location, not only Urbanminers inventory, but that of Fairhaven Furniture, and in Bridgeport the multiple vendors that are anticipated to be there. More on that as Bridgeport gets closer to opening. 

What We Are Up To - 

We are currently recovering materials from a c. 1800 house, so we lots of oak and Chestnut; flooring, planks and framing.

Our recent deconstruction activities include houses in Greenwich, New Canaan and West Hartford dated, respectively, 1938,1946 & 1960. A very large quantity of materials have been recovered and most of it donated by the owners to Ecobuilding Bargains in Springfield Mass.

We have also engaged in a number of smaller recovery operations including floor and cabinet removal from a c. 1960 house in New Haven ( with oak flooring donated to The Reuse People located at New England Reuse in North Haven).
Also,  a large salvage of office furniture for Shawmut Design and Construction at Yale University.  Multiple truckloads of furniture were donated in order to minimize dumpsters and maximize reuse. 

Beside recovering whatever we can from a c. 1800 house, we are also trying to recover a c. 1875 carriage house, all of the finish material from a c. 1905 house, and a plethora of other smaller salvage operations,.


We now provide our salvaged materials to local manufacturers and wood shops that produce practical items such as tables, counter tops and wall paneling.
We are developing a system so that we not only remove materials from buildings but install the finish products made from those materials. 

Table tops made from salvaged barn wood. ( See Tobacco barn press release link on left)

Living room, C. 1905. We are bidding the salvage of all of the trim and flooring, windows, doors and other finishes of this fabulous house. 

Unbuilding a 200 year old structure. Remove the plaster, carefully remove the split lath in large sections, then remove wall planks. This is a non load bearing partition wall. Removing these walls allows better access to the wide plank flooring for removal, beside producing the wall materials. Samples can now be seen in our Fairhaven location. The split lath is used for various applications such as picture framing. The wall boards make incredible table tops and other furniture.

Multiple truckloads of furniture were salvaged for reuse, including this 26 foot box truck of Steelcase file cabinets and office chairs that were given to an office furniture distributor here in Connecticut. Tons of high quality furniture stays out of the waste stream and reduces the need for new raw materials.

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