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Cayan: Enhancing Customer Engagement
You've heard about it and you've likely experienced it - chip cards are slowing down the checkout process, impacting customer experience. The payment industry is now six months into the migration to EMV (chip cards) for merchants, and the transition has been slow - literally.

This is one of many reasons that we are thrilled to share with you our partnership with Cayan®. Cayan is the leading provider of payment technologies that gives merchants a competitive advantage. With over 80,000 customers and a strong focus on specialty retailers, we are now able to offer you this semi-integrated technology. Cayan Genius® is regarded as the first solution to harness payment capabilities to create a true Customer Engagement Platform.

Cayan Genius provides you with:

  • EMV speeds: Merchants using the Genius are achieving EMV processing times of just 3.66 seconds. See the recent press release here.
  • Robust payment options: In addition to traditional credit, debit and gift card transactions, Genius also has the unique capability to accept chip card and NFC (mobile), including PayPal, Google Pay and Android Pay transactions all on one customer-facing device.
  • Secure and compliant transactions: Genius takes your POS out of scope for PA-DSS. It removes customers’ sensitive data from the point-of-sale and uses point to point encryption and tokenization, protecting your business from costly fraud and data breaches while simplifying the process of compliance.
  • Forward thinking technology: Genius is cloud based, allowing merchants to add new features, payment acceptance and functionality over time, without complicated software updates or hardware exchanges.

Learn more about Genius and how it can enhance your customer engagement and make your business more successful by contacting Kevin O’Brien at o r at the Genius website.

Team Spotlight
Since January, 2016, the Retail Backbone team has been steadily growing; our team of four has quickly expanded to a team of seven.  Our most recent addition, John Mark Madison, joined our development team in early May.  The growth of our team has given us the opportunity to focus on developing new features and on enhancing existing functionality.  We are excited to share new and updated information in the Backbone Bulletins to come, thanks to our expanding team!
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