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"We need urgent climate action and greatly increased  ambition - in emissions reductions
and in promoting adaptation to current and future impacts of climate change.
Success demands broad-based concerted action from all levels of society, public and private, action coalitions across all sectors and the engagement of all key actors. There
is no time, nor reason, to delay." 

 António Guterres, United
Nations Secretary-General 

"At the least we should be saving all the materials from buildings we remove. The difference between the demolition cost and deconstruction cost must be subsidized. While we work towards ordinances and other incentives to compel this, it is up to us to buy used and otherwise financially make up the difference. This is just one action that will make a tangible difference on our impact on the environment, plus it creates jobs as well as secondary jobs, while supplying us with locally produced materials that cannot be obtained anywhere else." From the guy that tries to run this gig.


We have moved to the lower level. The rear rooms we had our display in is being transformed into a new fabulous front entrance for Fairhaven Furniture. Our samples and other reclaimed is now on the lower level. Our hours are  10 to 1 on Saturdays for now. And by appointment. You can always call first. 


We are moving from our main building space to the old boiler building. The near future plan is to have bulk materials in the cavernous room, and have as smaller retail sales spot in the main building. Keep in mind that we are located at Monger's Market where there is now upward of 10 or more other vendors ( moving in so fast I can't keep count.)

The boiler building with its fab natural lighting.

Project Update

Prospect B arn 

Due to some admin. impediments   ,we have been delayed  getting this barn down. Any day now it will be simply large organized piles of fab materials. We've already sold some, but need to sell much more. This red siding, the  grey siding , and  hewn chestnut beams, and more.  Don't need barn materials today ? By an egift card for later use, below. Check our website shopping page for listings. We still need to sell at least $ 5,000.00 of the estimated $ 23,000.00 in remaining materials now ,before we complete the work,. Go to the website and buy these materials, or an egift card for someone else, so they may also learn about buying used. 

Buy E-gift cards here:

More Projects 

All of these projects will generate enormous amounts of unique materials. We will be advertising them on our Instagram, Facebook and Website. 

  Carriage house ,New Haven area: bid as demolition  with salvage. Pending. Lots of good materials here. Waiting for approvals.

Middletown barn, bid as a demolition with salvage. The more you buy in advance the more we can save. We will start lsiting these materials in earnest this week, as we havethe contract to remove it and have begun the permit process. Check all our listings for barn siding, corrugated roof, timber framing and more.

Meriden garages and carriage house, bid as demolition , with salvage. Buying ahead means we do not have to front the labor for removal and then pay to store it. Lost of goo materials here. We expect to start the permit process in a few weeks. Materials will be posted soon. 

Greenwich house, deconstruction, bidding. c. 1950. Lots of great framing, hardwood floors and sheathing  

House Clean outs

A house full of furniture ,collectibles and antiques. We will be removing everything with the next two weeks. Keep an eye out for new old things in our listings. We also have partial cleanouts of a house in Branford and one in Hamden. Items will be on our instagram and facebook postings, if not our website shopping page for instant purchase. 

House to clean out, entirely full of stuff !

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