Small Bites: Grilling for Sales
Sweet Clover market: Local Meat all year long.
Vermont raised meat for grilling is the s econd Rooted in Vermont , monthly radio local food promotion.

The ads run across multiple stations each week reaching every corner of the state. The goal is to encourage consumers to purchase local foods at stores and other local outlets.
Awareness of the campaign helps leverage your stores' marketing, merchandising & promotional outreach to maximize sales. Sweet Clover Market in Essex is a premiere purveyor of VT meat raised in healthy conditions- from the basics of beef, chicken, lamb & chicken to goat and elk; they are very much RiV.

Share your display & promotions on social media with the #RootedinVermont hashtag on Instagram and Twitter or @RootedinVermont on Facebook.
Questions? Email the Rooted in Vermont project manager, Shane Rogers,
Grilling Sauces: Vermont's Got 'em
We have prolific specialty food producers and it's time to promote them!

Make sure you cross merchandise your July Grilled Meat Promotions with special sauces to enhance the customer experience. While you are at it, build a thematic display with favorite grilling vegetables, charcoal and a grill. A simple display can be a theatrical experience for your customers (as well as team building for your staff).
Looking for specialty foods? Check out the VT Specialty Food Association
Just in time for summer tourist season! The Lawrence Smoke House in Townsend is stocked and ready for all the needs of campers, hikers, boaters and local feasting.

With a commitment to keep out a Dollar General, The owners of the River Bend Market , bought the adjacent smokehouse and have worked hard to stock it with Vermont and regional products. Read all about their efforts in the Brattleboro Reformer! Photo courtesy of Kristopher Radder, Brattleboro Reformer

Stop in when you are "stay-cationing" in Vermont. Choose from their extensive selection of fantastic local meat, cheese, & wonderful body care products.
Let us help you train your staff at no charge to you! Check out Take 5 ; our series of twelve 5-7 minute clips.
While we are thinking about summer grilling, did you know that the country of Cyprus produces a wonderful goat/sheep cheese that is best when grilled? Hallumi.

AND to top that off... Vermont has a it's very own producer: Black Rose Creamery in Rupert, sells direct to stores. Contact them (802) 379-0767 for the hit of the summer and a grilling sensation for your customers.

Looking for other unusual cheese? Check out the VT Cheese Council!
Knowledge Drives Sales:

Keeping pace with trends and consumer demand is part of running a store or a department.

Farm to Plate created a Producer Distributor Database to inform buyers of products. With nearly 800 producers, we have info on food manufacturers and farm-based products along with distribution information.

Grass fed meat is trending because it intersects many pivotal consumer concerns. Here is a partial list of VT grass fed meat providers to help you meet demand. Consumers have increased their purchases of grass fed animals for the health of the animals, minimal environmental impact, and for the full rich flavor they provide.

Please note there are many localized producers not on this particular list. If you want more info, reach out to us or the VT Grass Farmers Association.
Plan ahead: Training
Your Produce staff!
Farm to Plate and the Agency of Agriculture are working on a Produce Summit! We want to help your staff be the best it can be.

To run a profitable department, meet customer needs, and be informed on topical issues requires dedication. We are working to help bridge the information gap that will bring your produce department to the highest level.

Consider it a great opportunity to have nationally respected consultants help YOU be a better store! Stay tuned for more info!

Contact Annie H Harlow for info, support inquiries,
or to share your retail tips!

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