Small Bites for Insatiable Retailers
May 2019
Farm to Plate continues to train the Vermont workforce at independent and cooperative food stores. Meeting the individual needs of stores, the trainings are tailored to help new and long-term staff improve merchandising and operations resulting in higher sales and margin and reducing shrink.

Produce departments often are under-served when it comes to staff training. We work hand-in-hand to forge new insights that help maintain product integrity, promote seasonal awareness of Vermont products and craft a new lens in which to promote easy to prepare meals that make it easy for customers to shop.

Think ahead and drop the winter crops (such as hard squash, Brussels sprouts) for more seasonal ones including wild-harvested fiddleheads and ramps. Local greens are ready so make room for them n your produce case.
Fresh Perspectives: a Seminar that yielded great information
Organic and local foods consultant from California, Mark Mulcahy and Farm to Plate Retail Specialist Annie Harlow partnered in Maine to help forge the local and regional relationships that support retailers and regional producers.

The day was full with hands-on exercises, small group collaborations and an in-store merchandising audit at a Whole Foods.

Lauren from Brownesville's Butcher and Pantry put her new skills to work with a front entrance Easter display. She created a well conceived plan , helping customers easily make purchases. They were thrilled by the creative thought process and the sales that resulted.
Let us help you train your staff at no charge to you! Check out Take 5 ; our series of twelve 5-7 minute clips.
Donna at Mountain Energy in South Londonderry is merchandising her small space with regular change ups to feature new, seasonal, and Vermont products. Her selection is responding to the needs of both locals & tourists.
Food Connects a food hub in the SE corner of Vermont hosted its annual trade show that brought together farmers and food manufacturers with a variety of buyers. The annual event helps inform buyers of Vermont & regional products at the tri-state corner of NH, MASS and VT. Producers sampled a ton of great tasting products, gave buyer discounts and rolled out new lines.

As a buyer and localized distributor, Food Connects consistently looks to help bridge gaps in local food availability; this includes participating in a statewide network connects food hubs such as Green Mountain Farm Direct in the farm upper corners of the Northeast Kingdom and Upper Valley partner, Vital Communities .
Are you getting ready for an influx of summer tourists, boaters, hikers and campers? Make sure you have what they want... Vermont Products !
Feature our fantastic, small batch Vermont made granola and Vermont non-alcohol beverages , along with our legendary craft brews! And make sure you have some VT snacks to keep everyone happy.
Kamuda's Country Market , in the center of Pittsford, is a family owned store with a rich history.

Brian has taken over the helm from his parents and is evaluating product mix to meet a changing demographic.

Not only is he cleaning out slow sellers, he is literally cleaning! Refinishing the old floors creates a fresh new look to one of the town's oldest buildings. Customers love the bright new floors and it seems everyone has noticed the refreshing look!
Congratulation to Pratt's Store in Bridport for your 50 years in operations. Darwin and Sue are upholding a long tradition of the general store meeting the needs of the rural community.

Sadly, the Benson Store had a recent fire leaving the owner no choice but to raze the 157 year old historic building. The store played a critical role in the community and sadly we have lost another of our architectural gems.

Funding support provided by Jane’s Trust & USDA