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"We need urgent climate action and greatly increased  ambition - in emissions reductions  and in promoting adaptation to current and future impacts of climate change.
Success demands broad-based concerted action from all levels of society, public and private, action coalitions across all sectors and the engagement of all key actors. There
is no time, nor reason, to delay." 

 António Guterres, United
Nations Secretary-General 

And so we continue to promote deconstruction and the salvage and reuse of materials.

Tomorrow Friday June 21st, 9 to 1, we will be at the Sage Studio Warehouse in East Haven, 290 Dodge Ave. for a rare warehouse/ workshop tour. 

Featured will be Sage Studio's finished product and Sage Studio's and Urbanminers reclaimed materials stock.  

Salvage and Deconstruction

Our last newsletter was in February ! 
Since then we have finished a full house deconstruction, a barn salvage and numerous other salvage & deconstruction jobs. 
We also have ongoing salvage work including truckloads of vintage cabinets from a university, a barn and carriage house salvage, a c. 1800's shed and a mid 1700's house. See project detail below.

We are now selling salvaged materials in the following ways. 
Website, Facebook and Instagram adds for materials that are coming directly from the job site.
Materials we do not sell directly from the job site are either wholesaled or donated to a local business or not for profit materials reuse organization. 
We supply materials directly to shops and manufacturers that create valued added products such as furniture.
We directly install salvaged materials into businesses and homes, usually after the materials have been cleaned and processed at a wood shop. 
Our plan is to have "pop up' sales at  various local businesses that we work with ( see partial list below). 


Product advertising now on Instagram, Facebook and

Project Update

university cabinet salvage

Middletown barn

We are waiting for final approval. We will save siding, framing , metal roof and some interior finishes.

Six car garage and carriage house. We will save siding, sheathing , and framing

Pine from garage partition walls after sanding and finishing. 

C. 1800's shed

Deconstructing a deck and saving the 1970's redwood

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