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June 9, 2022
Common Small Business Mistakes

This list of common small business mistakes ranges from things as simple as not doing things you are not good at to not mistreating suppliers and not letting customers mistreat YOU. Here are twenty common business mistakes with the top 10 mistakes new business owners make listed first. Read More>>
URA Benefit Program

As a member of URA, you can save up to 32% on FedEx Express and up to 20% on FedEx Ground. It’s part of a free benefits program managed by PartnerShip. If you currently ship with FedEx, you’ll be able to continue using it the same way you do today. The discounts will be added to your account and then automatically applied to your shipments. Don’t have an account? Partner Ship will help you get started. Every penny counts - even more today with rising prices! If you ship product, it's free to enroll. Sign up today for discounts!
Scholarships Ap Deadline 6/30

The URA is anxious to award up to $2,000 to members, their employees, customers, or anyone in their family for higher education in the field of healthcare and/or medical business management. The scholarship application must be endorsed by a URA member in good standing. Offering this opportunity to your customers is a great way to engage and develop lifetime shoppers.

The deadline to apply is June 30.
June Member's Only Webinar

Join fellow URA members on June 28 for this month's retailer webinar focused on everything scrubs. URA member Kathy Mead will discuss the forms, fit, function, fabric, and finances of today's modern medical uniforms. The webinar is a FREE URA member benefit.
If you missed previous member webinars, they are available under Webinars on your URA profile. You must log in to view the webinars. Recorded sessions include how to track cash flow and how margins affect cash flow.
Retailer Education Day
High-performing business leaders, athletes, and entrepreneurs have uncovered the one thing that most other people haven’t: their inner superpower. On Monday, October 24, during the URA Show in Nashville, Shawn Casemore will inspire you with proven strategies that high-performing individuals use to unleash their hidden talents and realize their biggest goals and ambitions. In this session titled, Be Unstoppable! Tap into Your Hidden Superpower, you will learn how to:
  • Understand the power of goal setting and its influence on personal performance
  • Unlock techniques to minimize distractions and allow for laser-like focus
  • Discover how to find and release inner strength at any time
  • Examine and expand your circle of influence
  • Explore your motivations and use them as personal leverage

Shawn is just one of three presenters that will help you build your business and Be Unstoppable!

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