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July 11, 2022
Free Digital Marketing Training

URA member benefit provider Constant Contact has a network of partners who are both experts in online marketing and trained presenters. If you're looking for a little extra guidance and support, register for one of these upcoming free sessions.

Yes, You Can Take a Vacation

As a small business owner, it’s natural to feel attached to every action in your business. Disconnecting for some time away may feel counterproductive; however, it's crucial for your health and well-being to do so! Find out how to unplug while keeping your small biz humming here.
Excess Inventory

Prices for virtually everything have risen sharply over the first part of 2022. Some of the items we know and love are back on the shelves in excess, while others still remain hard to find. Learn More>>
July Member's Only Webinar

Join fellow URA members on July 25 for this month's retailer webinar focused on scrub basics. The webinar is a FREE URA member benefit.
If you missed previous member webinars, they are available under Webinars on your URA profile. You must log in to view the webinars. Recorded sessions include how to track cash flow and how margins affect cash flow.
Retailer Education Day
“I'll Just Get it Online": Strategies to Keep Your Customers on Your Doorstep
Your best customer is the one who keeps coming back to you. What motivates your customer to come to your business? Do they like the ease of finding what they want in your online store or do they like the direct contact and complete shopping experience they have when they come to see you in person? No matter how they arrive on your proverbial doorstep, now is the best time to create a customer retention strategy. Many shoppers have uttered these words at some point, “I’ll just get it online” and if they come to your website to do that, that is fine. However, if they are standing in your store and frustrated with lack of customer service or poor product selection, the chance for them to order from “anyone” online, goes up dramatically. We’ll look at 5 strategies to keep your customers on your doorstep, whether virtually or physically.

Anne Obarski, founder of Merchandise Concepts will address retailers on Monday afternoon at the URA trade show in Nashville. Register today for an opportunity to network with peers, learn from industry experts, and view the latest styles, products, and services from the growing list of exhibitors who cannot wait to see you in October!
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