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February 18, 2022
Is Your Business Resilient?

By now, you have your year-end financials for 2021. Remember, it always comes with a Balance Sheet! Whether sales are up, down, or sideways, the financial strength – and staying power – of every business is shown on its Balance Sheet. The ROI developed this specialized FINANCIAL STRENGTH Rater for retailers. Learn More>>
What Is "Normal"?

Will 2022 be a “normal” year for you, your family, and even businesses/employees?

At this point LIG anticipates 2022 to be a "normal" year in the health insurance space and does not expect to see the major changes that occurred in 2021 via special enrollment periods, and additional subsidies (which are all still in place for 2022). 

If you are looking for coverage outside of the fall’s Annual and Open Enrollment, LIG can help you review your options and enroll in coverage for you, your family, and even businesses/employees! These member-only concierge services for health coverage are based on your health and financial needs, with LIG available to answer all your health insurance questions and offer free comparisons of current coverage options versus what is available on the marketplace.

Visit to request more information. 
Smell That?

Retailers dispense scent in a way that may not even consciously register with shoppers, but studies have suggested that smells can cause them to stay in stores longer—and buy more.

Another effect of the pandemic: is more interest in scents that evoke cleanliness. Learn more>>
Save the Date!

Mark your calendar now for the 2022 URA Annual Trade Show that will be held October 23-26 in the beautiful Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, TN. Watch URA communications for details as they are finalized and start planning your visit today.
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