October 2023

Workforce Development Newsletter

Partner Spotlight: Satellite Industries

The Success of Hiring and Retaining Welding Bootcamp Graduates

We recently checked in on one of our favorite success stories. After completing

the Welding Bootcamp Training at Lanier Technical College in 2022,

7 high school seniors were hired to start their careers at Satellite Industries

in Dahlonega, Georgia. Christopher Salazar and Braydon White went from attending

an event as a Senior in high school to well-trained full-time employees.

"It's just more comfortable training with someone you know," said Christopher.

The sense of familiarity and comradery must have worked as Satellite retained six of the seven to this day more than a year later. Both Salazar and White said they are interested in further developing their careers at Satellite and earning higher titles.

Georgia Mountains Works is a partnership. This success is made all the more exciting

by meeting goals of public-private funded training, decreased skills gap, employment,

and retention. Thank you, WorkSource Georgia Mountains! Setting up a Bootcamp can

start with the employer or the school. We look forward to sharing another success story soon.

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Who’s who? We can tell you that these Women in Manufacturing have a commitment to their careers. Amy, Beatriz, Bee, Brittany, Carla, Caroline, Casey, Ciana, Cristina, Cristy, June, Katie, Laura, Maura, Nancy, Rosalba, Sabrina, Shaprelle, and Soonthala – You rock! – and so do the Georgia Mountains Works Employer Partners you represent.

We are seeing firsthand the increase in women's influence in the manufacturing sector. Of the students in the 5 cohorts of Quality Tech Apprenticeship and SAIL training, 56% are women. This trend shows how workplaces see our #WomeninManufacturing talent, skills, and dedication. According to the National Association of Manufacturers, women now account for 29% of the manufacturing workforce. We love the progress!

MFG Sector Partners In Action

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Gainesville High School WBL Student was highlighted for his accomplishments while working at Kubota Manufacturing. Way to go Denis! #WBL #GHS

Lanier College and Career Academy hosted the Be Pro Be Proud truck for their students to gain hands-on experience in this mobile workshop. #LCCA #BPBP

Second-Generation Electrician and Electrical Systems Utility Graduate, Ali Moore, followed in her father's footsteps on the path to become a licensed electrician. #LanierTech