From the Executive Director: Rethink Your Cleaning Routine by Going Green
How we clean has evolved significantly over the years.  Growing up, Mr. Clean was a member of my household.  For spills and stains, my mom would reach for the latest chemical-based cleaning products to mop them up.  My grandmother, however, turned to "old-fashioned," homemade solutions that used natural ingredients, like vinegar and lemon juice, for her cleaning needs.  I did not realize it then but my grandmother was practicing green cleaning. 
Proud to be CCSD: Green Cleaning and Student Health in Athens (GA) Clarke County School District

Amy Roark and Kimberly Thomas, both with the Clarke County School District in Athens, Georgia, share some of the best practices that have made their district a leader in green cleaning.  
Beyond Green Certification: The Success Story of Maryland's Howard County Public Schools

Ben Shieh, Creative Director for Ultra Chem Labs, recounts how Olivia Claus, Executive Director of Facilities for Howard County Public Schools and Green Clean Schools Leadership Council member, implemented a green cleaning program at her school district, helping make it one of the most environmentally conscious school systems in the country.
Beyond Benign Brings Green Chemistry to the Classroom

Kate Anderson, Director of Education for Beyond Benign, discusses how this nonprofit is using green chemistry education to transform how science is taught in the classroom.
How to Implement a Green Cleaning Program in Schools - the Right Way

Rochelle Davis, President and CEO of Healthy Schools Campaign, discusses the benefits of adopting a green cleaning program and what steps to take to get one off the ground.  She also shares examples of successful green cleaning programs in schools and resources that are available to support your program.  
EPA's Safer Choice for Green Cleaning in Schools

Linda Rutsch, Outreach and Education Coordinator for the Environmental Protection Agency's Safer Choice Program, shares how Safer Choice labeled products can help schools green their cleaning routine as well as tips for starting a green cleaning program. 
Small-scale Science

A "small is better" technique that dramatically reduces the quantity of chemicals used in science labs.  Reprinted with permission from Green Teacher magazine and originally authored by Alan Slater. 
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