Word of Mouth: Helping You Promote Healthy Smiles in the Workplace
Choosing a toothpaste can be overwhelming—there are so many different brands! So we’re giving you some pro tips to help you pick the perfect toothpaste for your dental care needs. Plus, discover the most common risk factors for gingivitis and how to effectively fight bad breath.  
Have you heard about Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation’s Smile Bag Program? Each year we donate thousands of Smile Bags filled with basic dental care necessities to local nonprofits. Learn how Smile Bags are used and how nonprofits can request a donation. 
Many people strive to take good care of their finances and budget wisely. You can support your employees in working toward this goal by helping them budget for dental expenses. Here’s how you can help reduce their stress and improve their oral and overall health. 
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every industry and employee. As vaccines and disease management rules roll out, company leaders are starting to think about return-to-work plans. Here are 3 tips to help you begin to rebuild and think about the most effective way to offer benefits to employees.
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