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Retirees Don’t Want to Spend Their Retirement Savings

A home care agency owner told me that many of his clients who were using his services lived in million-dollar homes and clearly had a lot of wealth. Without LTCi, 75% of these people would not be spending their own funds for care. Instead, they would opt for inadequate care cobbled together with family & friends, even though they had sufficient wealth to pay for care. Read more.. .
LTC Planning: What’s Scaring the Financial Advisors?

Jamie Hopkins, who shares my passion for retirement security, talks about some important gaps in the retirement planning industry in this article (Forbes, April 2018). He shines a light on a shortcoming I often see. “While 94% of advisors reported that their clients are waiting too long to plan for long-term care, only 26% of these advisors stated that they discussed long-term care planning with their clients.” Read more...
LTC Works!
I have some very happy clients. My testimonials describe the transformative difference LTC has made in many lives. They also include comments about the perceivable security and peace of mind LTC ownership provides.

Have You Had a Rate Hike?
Usually, even with the rate hike, your policy is below current market price. Clients find it highly useful to discuss what causes rate hikes, how they occur, and how likely there'll be more in the future. If necessary, I can help you find optimal ways to downgrade your coverage while keeping it highly effective.

Do not tamper with your policy until we've spoken! If you need to discuss your LTCi rate hike, please email or call me. 
Spreading the Word about LTCi
I very much enjoy invitations to give accurate LTC information to the public. Contact me if I can offer LTC education to your professional, civic, or church group.  Click here  to read more about my public speaking references. 
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