May 2017
Anecia and I have spent more than forty years in church planting ministries. As we started reflecting on that, and after the health issues Anecia went through last year, we began to ask the Lord if it was time to consider retirement from vocational ministry - not ministry - just paid ministry. The result of this introspection and prayer, asking the Lord for His will, is that He has led us to retire effective June 1, 2017.
We have been humbled and so very thankful for those who have prayed for us, and for those who were able to financially support our missionary endeavor, helping to develop urban churches. Pastor Jim Brown, the director of MetroGrace, reminded us that during our time in Philadelphia, we helped MetroGrace to grow two young churches and initiate two new church plants. 
Our 40 years of church-planting ministry in North America allowed us to personally plant four churches in three states and develop a North American church-planting strategy that resulted in more than 100 church development initiatives. The greatest blessings, however, are with the hundreds of people we were able to meet, lead to the Lord and develop lasting relationships. Social media has allowed us to reengage and stay in touch with so many friends from previous church plants, and from our travels between Florida, Hawaii, Alaska, Maine and just about every state in between. They (you) are our blessings!
Pastor Jim told our elder board recently, "We are celebrating with Kurt and Anecia as they enjoy a well-deserved rest!" We are so appreciative for the support we have received from Pastor Jim and Lisa, the MetroGrace staff and the Crossroads Community Church family. In demonstration of that love and support they are planning both a retirement dinner with the elders and their wives and a celebration with the Crossroads church family! Again, we are so blessed.
We are making plans to relocate to the Wilmington, NC area to be near our daughter, Kirsti, and her family. The cost of living is affordable, the weather is warmer and two young grandchildren will be nearby. We plan to travel to see our other daughters and grandchildren throughout the year. Investing in their spiritual lives will be our priority for the immediate future.
While completing our ministry here, we realize that the hard work of urban ministry continues. MetroGrace is uniquely positioned to gather, train, send and coach teams to develop gospel-centered, community-based congregations in the City of Philadelphia. Very few ministries are doing that type of urban church planting. Could the Lord continue to use you to reach the city for Christ? If the Lord should lead you to do so, instead of marking your gift to the "Millers," you could designate your giving to the "Browns" or to "General." 
Thank you and blessings,

Kurt and Anecia Miller
Current address: 1000 Wakeling St, Philadelphia, PA 19124
Cell: (814) 505-4791
(215) 533-3396