December 12, 2019
Did you know that prior to 1996 Thomas Orchards was a simple fruit stand that sold peaches from the fields surrounding it? The original structure is still down the road, too!
But, in 1996, Jerry and Paula decided to build a greenhouse based on the beautiful Mennonite greenhouses Paula grew up shopping at in the Shenandoah Valley. The gift shop was built that year to make selling peaches on site easier.

Through the years, Thomas Orchards has expanded a little more every year to encompass the multi-faceted business that exists today. It's been a wild ride--and mostly a lot of fun! We have met so many amazing people thru the years and had so many opportunities to travel and learn from giants in the industries that encompass every facet of what Thomas Orchards is today.

We are immensely grateful for all of our loyal customers that have supported us each season. We are also thankful for the amazing vendors that we have worked with over the years. Many of our customers and vendors have become good friends and we feel blessed to know you all!

It's time for us to step back and let a younger generation take over---so we can RETIRE!!! Stay tuned, our plans have not been finalized, yet. We hope you will continue to visit Thomas Orchards--you might just see us pitching in!

Our last day open for 2019 is Saturday, December 21st. In preparation for closing, everything is 40% off!!! Check us out on Facebook to keep up with our sales.

Come see us!

Jerry and Paula Thomas