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Retirement Planning:
Enhance by Tax Free Benefits

May 2011

Issue 2 

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Retirement: Does Life Insurance Have a Place?
Plan for the Worse, Live for the Best

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3in4 need more

This summer Dr. Marion and the "3in4 Need More Campaign" will embark on an awareness campaign journey that will take the campaign from Times Square in NYC across the country to the Pacific Ocean.   


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Retirement: Enhance by Tax Free Benefits

I found this article and thought it would be very interesting to you....


"Most people would love to avoid paying taxes on money they earn. Also, most people hate the thought of life insurance. Would you believe these two are related? Bankers have been rewarded with FDIC insurance and investments get favorable tax treatment from capital gains and dividends, but life insurance offers "tax free" earnings for policyholders: tax free "living benefits" and tax free "death benefits". Below are several, but certainly not all, ways to use life insurance in your retirement years."


Read more about  Retirement: Does it have a place?

Plan for the Worse, Live for the Best

What if you have a chance to obtain "living protection" against  financial disaster at a reduced price, would you be intrigued?    


"Here is what I know - At 59 I'm healthier than either of my parents were at age 59. I have never smoked. I'm fairly active and exercise some but not overly. I eat fairly well, but not always. I drink socially but not in excess. So what are my odds of remaining healthy and being able to care for myself? Better, I'm sure than my parents but the fact remains that the odds of something happening to me beyond my control still exists. Any number of accidents could befall me. What then?"


Click here to read the entire article.