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March 2019
How can I protect the money I'm counting on for my retirement?

Learn how to protect some of your retirement assets the same way you protect your car, your home, and your health with this quick video link...
Traditional IRA & Roth IRA - Related but not twins 

While a Roth IRA and a traditional IRA may be related, they certainly aren't twins. Be sure to understand the similarities and differences before making a long-term commitment.

As an example, here is the story of identical twins, T im and Robert...
Commissions vs. Fees

Insurance commissions may have been given a bad rap in today's best-interest-driven world. But are they really hurting clients? Here's w hat you need to know to make an informed choice...
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Questions & Answers:

Q) Why should I involve a retirement advisor in my Social Security decision?

A) Your decision will impact your other assets, including  how and when you tap certain assets to supplement your income. An advisor is positioned to help you understand how all these pieces fit together.

Q) Why not ask the Social Security Administration for advice?

A) The Social Security Administration (SSA) cannot give advice, ask
you about other assets, or evaluate the impact of your decision on the rest of your financial plan. 

Q) When should I start my planning?

A) If you're over age 55, the sooner the better. As you approach retirement age, it's important  to evaluate your options and identify which assets you'll use to supplement your Social Security income.
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