December 11, 2018

What a busy and exciting time it has been at Jungle Friends! 

On November 14, 2018, a fter a year of collaboration with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Jungle Friends  welcomed 26 squirrel monkeys to their new home!  These monkeys had been in a nicotine addiction study. The monkeys  are preparing to live an "Almost Wild" life!

Squirrel monkey arrival + 2 week update!
The monkeys' retirement was first reported in a CNN feature on Tuesday, December 4.

You may have read about the saga of these squirrel monkeys in the Washington Post. In September 2017 Dr. Jane Goodall sent a letter  to FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb urging him to cancel the research .

I n January 2018, Gottlieb  terminated the study permanently and announced plans to retire the monkeys involved to a sanctuary.  This is the first time the FDA has released monkeys in research to a sanctuary!  This  unprecedented event has opened the door for other monkeys to retire from the FDA!

The monkeys arrived safe and sound and look great! Oak, the monkey with rheumatoid arthritis, was in a flare when he arrived, most likely due to the stress of his journey. We expected this and our vet team treated him immediately upon his arrival. We are happy to report that Oak is doing just fine and back in his rightful position of leader in the troop!
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retired from nicotine studies!
Riot is the troop's vigilant lookout
Oak suffers from rheumatoid arthritis
Moby, Mr. Neutral, never takes sides
Gregory is serious, calm and dignified
Sponsor Gregory
We are very thankful the FDA chose the humane path to retirement and for providing Jungle Friends with funds to build their beautiful new home and total lifetime care. 

At this time, the monkeys are living in our Bob Barker Medical Clinic, adjusting to their new environment. The FDA sent their familiar lab cages, food and enrichment items along with them. 

For now, the monkeys will stay inside until spring. Once the weather is nice, we will release them into their new outdoor habitats. After living inside in small steel cages for years, I know the monkeys will love their new larger  "Almost Wild"  life!
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Kari Bagnall, Executive Director and Founder
Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary

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