Weekly Update for 7.12.22
Retreat Deadline & More!
This is it - tomorrow is the last day to register for Redeemer’s Congregational Retreat!

"One body, many parts” is the theme for our September 16-18 retreat and your participation is essential! In the beautiful natural setting of Camp Kulaqua in High Springs, we will offer a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for all age groups.  Miniature golf, water slides, campfire skits, sing-a-longs, indoor games, group devotionals and Sunday worship are just a few of the planned happenings that will encourage community building, team work, and laughter. Scripture-based lessons and activities will provide opportunities for spiritual growth, the development of stronger relationships with God and each other, and a better appreciation of our own talents & gifts.

Click here to fill out the form and turn it in online. Don’t miss out!
Help Needed This Saturday 7/16

Sonny Daye is moving and needs help packing up his belongings after 37 years in his house. Redeemer is getting a group together to do this on Saturday morning. Contact Darlene Fray if you want to take part:
Sunday Open House Lunches at the Schultz’s are Continuing

The Church is, among other things, a community. One way we are seeking to practice that at Redeemer is by offering this opportunity for the people of God to share their lives together at a regular after-church lunch. The Schultzes will be serving meatball subs and Caesar salad this Sunday, and would love for you to come by. 

Printed directions will be available at the church. They live near UNF, at 12572 Bent Bay, Jacksonville, FL 32224, 10-15 minutes from the church. No RSVP necessary. Contact Scott or Cathleen if you have any questions. Scott (904)705-6504 Cathleen (904)521-9436.
Redeemer is having a Summer Celebration!

Everyone is encouraged to come celebrate the end of summer and our re-gathering as a church family.
  • Saturday, August 6 at 5:00pm
  • Game Night (bring your favorites!)
  • Potluck Dinner
  • Collection of school supplies for Hubbard House
Coffee Volunteer Needed

We need someone to make coffee before church on the 3rd Sunday of each month. To learn more about what’s involved, please contact Shirley Combs in the church office at
July Sabbath

During the month of July (and early August) we are easing our schedule for the summer, allowing our volunteers and leaders to take a rest from their regular labors. Sunday morning discipleship programs for all ages will resume on August 21, and Wednesday night programming will resume the previous week on August 17. We encourage you to continue to come before the 10:00 service to enjoy coffee, a pastry, and a chance to spend time with your fellow parishioners.
This Month's Outreach for Prayer:
Beyond 90, First Coast Women’s Services, Haven Retreats, Hubbard House, Isaiah 1:17 House, Kairos, Kim’s Open Door, Living Without Lust, Prisoners of Christ, St. Mary’s Food Pantry, and Eric Voelz
Please also be praying:
For healing:
Judy Blunk; Chris Meide; Callahan Combs; Liliana Norris; Shelly Smith; Sam (Shelly’s son); Evelyn Bennion; Agnes Anderson; Elly Crain; Gladys Maxwell; Sandra Lesher; Tim Smith; Eric Voelz; Robbie Crombie; Beatrix (Friend of Linda Kattman); Heather (Prudence & Bob’s daughter); Bill Haft; Jan Thowart; Bill Cavanough; Linda Berna; Christie Smith; Francis Paul; Marsha Peters; Bill Cavanough; Jean Higgenbotham (Friend of Mike Norris); Rabbi John Schutz; Jennifer Trittman (Sarah Nix niece); Bill Hurley (Lynne Norris dad); Christine Arnold; Debbie (Roy’s friend); John Arahaill; Sherry Mattingly; Angela VanFossen; Kate Hurst; Mari Haisten (Melissa Salek’s mother); Delores (Sheri Boulay’s aunt); Billy; Stephanie Palmer (Karen Fergusson’s friend).
For comfort, direction or safety:
Cathy Whitaker; Travis W.; Loretta Crooms; Miriam Nelson; Andrea Fritschle; Johnny Perry Jr. (Bob Clarks grandson); Mason/Blunk Family; Will Cheshire; Callahan Combs; The Sampson household; Jose’s son Joshua and his family (Joyce’s friend); Ian Counts; Liliana Norris; Rhonda Forster; Carol & Bernie Peterson; Matthew & Crystal MacDonald; Angela VanFossen; Sherry Mattingly; The Gilbert family; The Heim Family; The Hess family; Sean Crossen (Mary Ellen Sampson’s nephew); Sue (Roy’s friend); Roger Pruitt family.
The following parishes and clergy:
Bishop Neil and Marcia Lebhar
Bishop elect Alex and Jody Farmer
Servants of Christ, Gainesville, FL--People and Clergy: Alex Farmer (Rector), and James Manley (Assisting Priest), Robert Ayres (Assisting Priest), Michael Mayo (Assisting Priest) Kathy Ayres (Postulant), and Justin Smith (Postulant)
St. Andrews Anglican Church, Douglas, GA--People and Clergy: John Commins (Rector), Robert Millott (Deacon)
Resurrection Anglican, Shalimar, FL--People and Clergy: Frank Gough II (Rector)
Other Clergy to pray for: Trina McCarthy (Retired Priest), Steven Brightwell (Mark 4 Ministries),
Marios Tsangaretti (Retired), and Damon Gibbs (Priest)
Those having birthdays this week: 
July 10-Cida Borowski, Janice Edwards
July 11-Toula Haley
July 13-Joel Nichols
July 17-Kim Driscoll
July 19-Ashley Jones
July 21-Lucas Berger, Alice Reed
July 30-Sandra Lesher