August, 2013 
R E J U V E N A T E !

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Community Building
Retreat participants realized they could not complete the task without working as a team.


It's that time of year again. The fall is the number one season for training your staff; recommitting to the goals of the organization, building the team concept and just allowing everyone to let go and have some fun. Last month Wingspan was invited to facilitate a two-day retreat. I think Velton Showell, one of Wingspan's Executive Resolutionists, and I enjoyed it as much as our participants. Here's a helpful article on retreats and information on planning one for your staff or church. 

Planning Successful Staff Retreats

by Peter Twist, MSc

Without corporate retreats, you are like a football team that never huddles, never practices, never plans and does not hold training camps.

How cohesive and harmonious is your workplace culture? Does your staff share a unified vision? Are employees on board with the systems you have in place? Do they know they have a voice in your organization? Would you say your company has soul?

To ensure the growth and profitability of your business, you must ... Read more


2 -Day Retreat at 
The Vizcaya Museum
Velton Showell     Strategic Planning
Priscilla Dames  Communication-Conflict Styles
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Role Playing, Small Group Activities
retreat /communication styles  7  13
Reflective Listening
Retreat Reflective Listening  7 13
3-Day Retreat at The Ritz Carlton 
 Selecting a resort as the venue gave this retreat additional options. The team bonding activities were enhanced with the over night stays and it proffered multiple opportunities for pairing,
 focus groups and mediation.ritz  carlton retreat
2-Day Church Retreat 
Managing Differences in the Church Family
as a retreat topic helped by revisiting the church's mission while addressed inter-group challenges.
Our long list of distinguished, satisfied clients speaks for itself - they can attest to our superior training and expertise. 



Spotlight on: Happiness Art
peace platepeace plate  artist
by Artist, Emilio Estrada, and his wife, Eva

Spotlight on: Dr. Bernice King

Bernice King
Dr. King expresses her disappointment in the legacy we are leaving the children.  She states,"Some will tell us to wait and not rock the boat. But when the welfare and treatment of these children are our last priority, somebody ought to rise up and say enough is enough."

Priscilla Dames Discusses Community Unrest
With Dr. Valorie Parker
Take a Community Walk with the 
Anti-Gang Coalition
Wayne Rawlins, Executive Director 
walk dorian Rep. StaffordActivist, Rep. Campbell wayne malone
 Priscilla Dames, Representative Stafford 
and Dorian Francis
Representaive Daphne Campbell, Wayne Rawlins
and Robert Malone

Join Us at Dr. Valorie Parker's 
Walking in Purpose Retreat!
Sept. 13th & 14th
Pompano Beach
Couples welcome!

Read What Wingspan's Retreat Participants are Saying:


 Enjoyed presentation style with hands on activities

Very professional & knowledgeable

Created safe space for self evaluations & sharing 

Lots of personal experiences to bring home the message point

I appreciate the presenter's ability to be flexible 

Very innovative approach

Energetic, passionate, experienced in the field

 Related exceptionally well to the audience

Thank you for energizing me.

Absolutely awesome. Passionate & powerful





Planning Your Retreat


Establish the purpose of the retreat

Select a planning team

Create a timetable

Select a site

Calculate costs, budget

Include details such as registration, lunch, parking

 Call Wingspan Seminars

Select the seminar topics

Promote, promote, promote

Consider health, safety & liability

Throw in some fun!

Debrief & follow-up


Wingspan Seminars specializes in conflict.  We provide training to create safer learning and working environments while strengthening relationships. Through the use of prevention and intervention techniques, the monetary and health related costs of conflict is diminished. See our website for the related costs of conflict.


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