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June 2015

I moved to the northwoods of Wisconsin to retreat from city life. However, one soon finds that even though the environment is conducive to retreat, you still have to "chop wood and carry water."
    The best way to find nourishment for the soul is to completely get away from your normal life. Needing to adapt to different surroundings, routines, and rituals allows the mind and body to push the reset button. Knowing that you are taken care of by others or perhaps by the setting itself can allow total relaxation. Yes, it takes some days to unwind so going on a retreat for a weekend usually isn't enough, at least for me. It helps--but retreat is best taken in larger doses.
    Getting away from one's everyday life offers new perspectives that help you get clear about stuff. Time and space away regenerate and nourish the soul. It is the ultimate tool for wellness on so many levels.
    Please review our offerings below. The kinds of retreats are infinite and everyone can find something that matches their needs. Charge forward: Retreat!

Lynn & Dee LaFroth, producers of Essential Wellness/Celebrate Wellness publications
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2015 Retreats & Training

What a blessing to be able to commit time to spend in our practice (off the mat as well as on), time on self-care, and time to rejuvenate our spirits! Attending a retreat does just that! Spending time with a community of people focused on their own development and journey creates a stress-free environment that is relaxing, non-judgmental and quite lovely to be in. To offer yourself the space and time to reconnect/realign with your Self is a beautiful gift!

Replenish Wellness & Yoga holds its yoga retreats in beautiful, serene settings where people can spend time recharging and soaking in nature's healing energy. While the focus of each retreat may shift the structure of a Replenish Retreat remains consistent. Together we have the opportunity to spend time in group discussion, on the mat, in yoga and meditation, and plenty of personal time to spend as you so choose.

August-September 2015 Retreats
wendy billie
The Yoga Shamanic Way Retreat
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Ottertail Lake, MN. Merging the ancient healing wisdom of yoga and shamanism. Journey to your inner sacred spirit as you commune with the outer spiritual world. Experience the healing vibrations of tipi, river, lake, & earth at a powerful healing location. Receive wisdom from your power animal & spirit guides. Communicate with your inner guru & ignite your chakra energetic body. Embrace Drumming & Sacred Fire Ceremony.
SEPT 10-13
Crow Wing Crest Lodge, Akeley, MN

Laurie Wondra focuses on energy and our senses as we prepare to unlock our energy/light codes. Includes lodging, 2 meals/day, IAM Journal, time for energy work and questions, nightly circles, drumming, meditation and hikes with reset ceremony at the Mississippi headwaters. Classes on Light Energy/Codes, aromatherapy, an ionic detox foot bath, ear candling and building our sensory medicine bags. $380/person.   
October 2015 Retreats
julie loomis retreat
A Retreat for Getting Clear on Your Ideal Life
Visit Simply Neat for more info

Take a slow, deep breath in.
Hold it for a second. Now slowly exhale. And repeat. Calming, isn't it? 

As you take another deep breath in, picture yourself looking out on the lush, green mountains of Costa Rica. Exhale and feel a true sense of peace and calm. 

Now, how many of these statements resonate with you?

~I feel like I've been running on auto-pilot, just living the same day over and over again. ~When I think about it, I guess I feel somewhat emotionally disconnected from my life.

Nov 2015 Retreats
troge retreat
Multi-dimensional Communication with our Star Ancestors
With Jeanne Marie Troge, MA. Camp Knutson, Cross Lake, MN (near Brainerd, MN). Together we will explore multi-dimensional communication into the cosmos through sound, dance, journeying, drumming. Experience a group past life regression through Dolores Cannon's hypnotherapeutic style, drumming, trance dance, Peruvian Whistling Vessels, fire ceremony, community healing ceremony. To contact Jeanne, email her at
Rediscoving, Educating, Networking and Empowering Women
colville logo

Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center, Lanesboro, MN 55949. This Retreat gives you the perfect combination of support, guidance, and skills, all designed to assist you in creating the vibrant, meaningful, joyful life you deserve! Join us for a special journey weekend that has the capacity to give you back to you.

Retreat Facilities
An eco-retreat in Maiden Rock, WI
* Solo Retreats to revitalize your energy * Couples Retreats include "Review & Renew" and Couples "Spa Retreat"  *  Small group retreats can include yoga sessions, aromatherapy blending sessions and Yoga Nidra relaxation * Create your own retreat experience, choosing from our Body/Mind services: Life Direction coaching, massage, energy therapy, guided meditation, Japanese Soaking Tub and Labyrinth Ritual. 715-448-2424,

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