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November 2018 Newsletter
Open Music Sessions Featuring Retrofette

Join us for November's Open Music Sessions, featuring the music of Retrofette.

The event starts this Friday, November 2, at  7 pm, at Open Media Foundation ( 700 Kalamath Street).

Grab some free food and drink from Sexy Pizza, Crazy Mountain Brewery and Intrepid Sojourner in our upstairs lounge. Check out the Countdown Show starting at 7 pm, featuring Colorado filmmakers in this year's 41st Denver Film Festival.

Head to Studio A at 8 pm for comedy, followed by the music of Retrofette.

Join and share our Facebook event.
Video Client - Civic Network

Civic Network
Civic Network
The OMF Video Production team partnered with Civic Network and OMF Animator/DOM Member Mark Brancucci to create this animated explainer video. 

Civic Network is an open-source platform created as a way to help communities achieve their goals. It provides a user-friendly place to connect, collaborate, and coordinate across efforts by sharing documents, tracking actions, and managing projects.

Visit  civicnetwork.io to learn more and get involved!
Web Client - Aurora TV

Aurora TV,  the City of Aurora's government channel needed
a media platform to distribute their award-winning local
journalism and provide residents with open access to the City
Council sessions.

OMF worked with Aurora TV staff/producers to
create a modern design for their website that straddles the line of governmental
professionalism and community warmth. The new design
functions well on all sized devices and allows portability of their

OMF directly integrated with their broadcast system,  ingesting content as soon as it is available. OMF also built out  custom administrative workflows for simple and efficient tagging  and promoting of content. Through partnership with OMF, Aurora  TV's new web presence reduces the gap between production and  distribution, granting residents of Aurora increased access to  local culture and government.

Click here to learn more about the Web Services at OMF.
DOM's Top-Rated Show for October

This month's theme block is News, Business & Government, and the winner iWhy do millionaire athletes go broke? W/ Ex Pro Athlete Tywanna Smith.

DOM producer Prince Dykes will receive 25 DOM Bucks!

Learn how to submit your show here.
DOM Equipment - Projectors

The holidays are coming, and that means family gatherings galore! If you're looking to screen your big hit, Christmas classic, or even just some funny YouTube videos in the comfort of your own home, look no further!

We rent a variety of projectors for different projection needs, along with a projector screen. Commercial rates begin at $15/day for standard definition projectors and $50/day for high definition ones, with members receiving 50% off!  We also have a projector screen that only costs $10/day for members and $20/day for non-members!

For more information, contact leslie@openmediafoundation.org.
Studio Practice
We've changed the date!

Sharpen your studio production skills! Join us every second Thursday of the month from 6pm to 8pm.

If you have a Studio certification, you can operate the cameras, audio board, lights, and more. Non-certified members can show up and watch, or get up on stage and practice their on-camera hosting.

In this no-pressure environment, you can hone your skills while making mistakes along the way.

For more information, email jessel@openmediafoundation.org .
Open Media Lab
Do you need assistance on your current audio or video project? Or are you just not sure how to get started? Join us for Open Media Lab on Wednesday, November 21st, at 6:45pm. We will have staff and instructors on hand to answer your questions about editing, graphics, sound, and more! Meet other Denver Open Media producers to network and collaborate on projects. The session runs from 6:45pm-8:30pm and is free for DOM members.

Register today!

For more information, email jessel@openmediafoundation.org.
Member/Staff/ESP Spotlight - Jesse Lockwood
He has donned many titles and talents, and he holds the distinction of being the longest serving volunteer in Denver Open Media's history. Jesse Lockwood first got involved with DOM in August 2015, when he started as an intern. We sat down with Jesse to talk about his time at DOM, the projects he's working on, and how his membership has impacted him .

Why did you decide to become a member of Denver Open Media?

In March 2014, I was living in California and my art had gotten stale. There was this huge chasm between the audio production equipment I had access to and the video production equipment that I needed to reach the "next level." I had the time, but no money. Then, while on vacation in Denver, I heard about DOM and knew that it was my future, so I moved to Denver shortly thereafter. It wasn't until after I moved that I got my membership.

Why is your membership important to you?

Of course, having access to the equipment is a big part of it, but now that I'm a full-fledged media creator, gear is just gear. After three years of involvement, my DOM membership is a symbol of my commitment to my art and to the community that has fostered it. Being a member says that I'm a part of something that includes other like-minded artists.

How would you characterize the DOM community?

Empowerment is an interesting exchange that seems to produce an endless ripple effect. DOM empowered me with knowledge and access and that has enabled me to pass that empowerment on to my fellow members. It's hard to measure the impact of such things when they fundamentally change the way we relate to the world and community. I'll say I've been enriched by my experiences here and filled with joy at the prospects that are now ahead of me.

What projects are you currently working on?

My personal passion project is called Clockwork Beast. It's a hard rock band and a sci-fi adventure series with a steampunk aesthetic. It started as an overly ambitious special effects show that has, somehow, built up enough momentum and support to be achievable. Our goal is to portray a world that is full of mystery and danger, where the characters solve their conflicts with cleverness and compassion instead of violence.


After completing three 200-hour internships and a year of full-time volunteership, Jesse is now a part-time staff member of Open Media Foundation. He continues to help facilitate many of the programs at DOM, and spearheaded the Extended Support Programs (ESPs), including DOM's Screenwriters Meetup and Studio Practice.

"I'm also currently helping out on several member projects as script and production advisor," Jesse says. "Some comedy, some drama, and some projects that I can only begin to imagine as 'other.'"
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