Dear friends from the Coffee Roasters Guild retreat:
We were excited to meet new friends and old at Lake Lawn Resort for CRG retreat! If you're a new friend, we've added you to the distribution of our e-newsletter, but can easily take you off if you prefer. Just click unsubscribe below. To our old friends, we hope you stay with us. We send our newsletter only 6 - 8 times per year. In the meantime, please enjoy some retreat highlights below! It was so great to see you "live and 3D" people again!

Best regards,
Ruth Ann
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Roasters and non-roasters like me (who only roast samples) will long remember the amazing roasting tent. "The Dream Toy Box" for anyone who loves coffee.

Workshop To Identify Defects is a Hit!

Ruth was a volunteer station instructor in the class “Distinguishing Defects in the Cup: Green vs. Roast” with lead instructor Todd Arnette, CQI director of education and founder of Academy of Excellence in Williamsburg, VA. His co-instructor Camila Khalife, is from Equador.

Each of the 30 - 35 participants was challenged to identify FIRST, which of three cups has a defect, rank the intensity and then see if they could name the defect. A very challenging exercise!

The experience was made richer by Todd's ability to lead the class to see which of the eight defects were statistically not detectable. He told us the minimum number of cuppers who would need to identify the defect correctly for it to be considered statistically perceptible. If not perceptible, it can be moved to production roast.
My team: "The Reactionaries!"
L to R: (Back row) Kris Carlson, Shannon McIntush, Kara Bohlen, Josh Marsceau, Ed Paulsen, Brian Locke.
L to R (front row): Ruth Ann, Riley Isaac, Keisho Akamatsu, Angela Dunne, Amber Dietrich.
Not pictured: Charlie Habegger, Jacob Travis. Photo credit: the Dietrich rep!
#ShesTheRoaster Meet-up Attracts Big Crowd

Over 40 roasters - click photo to the right for video>>>>>>

Briana Mackey, SCA, and Kat Melheim, PeopleZine, hosted a meet-up of the loosely organized #shestheroaster movement. The movement was started several years ago -- many attribute its origins to Jen Apodaca, who was scheduled to be at the retreat, but couldn't make it.

Everyone in the room agreed it is the biggest #shestheroaster group ever at retreat! We introduced ourselves and pledged support to growing the number of women doing great things in roasting. To learn more about #shestheroaster, contact Jen Apodaca at Mother Tongue Coffee, .
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