Volume IX | September 14, 2019
Actualize into your Highest Self, Activate your Luminous Self, Transform into your
Divine Celestial Self!

Perhaps you have seen the TV commercials for the 5G-rollout as the best thing, ever! And yet, we have all heard that Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) from our cell phones, computers, microwaves, TVs, and other electronic devices are harmful. The level of harm from low-level EMFs is still debatable; however, in general, I'm sure you will agree, the amount of increased bombardment we will experience can not be good for us. Along with harmful EMFs we humans (and our pets and plants) have to contend with a host of other environmental and spiritual pollutants too numerous to mention in this article. Ohh! The level of cognitive dissonance that we modern-day-spiritual beings in physical bodies live with is incredibly high!

Click here for a printable PDF of this flyer with a list of benefits on the back- and please spread the news!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to reverse the harmful effects of these EMFs? Wouldn’t it be even more wonderful to be able to reverse the effects of pollutants, entropy/aging?
If you answered yes to wanting protection from EMFs, pollutants, and aging, then please register for my upcoming Tachyon Field Days. You will learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful EMFs pollutants, entropy, and even the aging process! You will also learn about the tachyonization procedure, the power of intention, and the immense benefits of the Healing & Anti-Aging Meditation Sessions in the Tachyon Chamber.
You will see a power-point presentation titled “Bringing Energy into Matter” for learning some basics of Quantum Physics, Tachyon, and Zero Point Energy. You will be invited to handle the exquisite and powerful Tachyon Living products and sit under the powerful Tachyon-Living Copper Pyramid and Crystal Generator (installed in May of 2019) to experience its intensity. The most exciting moment for previous participants in the Tachyon Field Days has been their personal experience of bringing energy into matter by bending a fork—with the Seeing is Believing Demonstration .  Yes, you will bend a fork! And, you may even get the tines of your fork to bend! Forks are provided for free with your preregistration!
During the afternoon, we will review exciting testimonies from Tachyon Chamber participants. You will also discover how to Tachyonize your own belongings, with Tachyon-Living’s special process. There will be an opportunity to purchase official Tachyon-Living products, as well as some second-generation Tachyonized products created by Celestial Empowerment. 
I am extremely grateful for having stumbled upon the Tachyon Living website while researching Tachyon in January of 2018. Surrounding myself and The Sanctuary for Celestial Empowerment with Tachyon-Living products since March of 2018 has been the best investment that I have ever made. The installation of New England’s First Tachyon Healing and Anti-Aging Chamber has been an immeasurable blessing for everyone.

There is no cost to attend. However, preregistration is required. Refreshments and raffle ticket provided. To register and for more information visit the blog post on the Celestial Empowerment website: https://wp.me/p7vcY3-tn

See you soon!
Quantum Blessings to you and yours,

Celestially Empowering News & Updates
Chamber Healing News
Tachyon Chamber has a New Location under the Incredibly Powerful Tachyon-Crystal Generator with Tachyonized Copper Pyramid

Healing & Anti-Aging Meditation Sessions Bring us to the Zero-Point Energy-Field

Zero-Point Energy is considered by physicists as the Quantum State of unlimited potential. It is the ground of All Being, from which all creation arises.

Surrounding ourselves with Tachyon Energy products accelerates our attempts to reach this exquisite state-of-consciousness where we are renewed, enlivened, restored, and healed on a DNA level.

There continue to be numerous reports of ongoing increased energy, higher frequency, overall well-being, acceleration of life-path, anti-aging, and miraculous relative healings.

Cost: $1.50 per minute. 30 minute minimum
90 minute maximum. Save 25% when you pre-pay for 3 sessions.

Call 860-586-8700 and schedule your appointments today!
Dedicated to Barbara Marx Hubbard
Time flies when we're having fun and when we're actively pursuing the life of our dreams! Psychologist Anthony Chaston agrees time flies whenever our attention is fully engaged in an activity. And time sure flew by for me, while I was sitting in this chair at my computer in my sweet suite, studying, learning, preparing to launch the newly revised edition of The Guidebook for Celestial Psychology ® : Creating Miracles, Luminosity, and Conscious Evolution. I am happy to announce it is finally ready and available to purchase on Amazon !

I dedicated this revision to Barbara Marx Hubbard, who sadly passed on April 10, 2019, when I was well into the first month of working on the revision. She is considered by many the birther of the concept of Conscious Evolution; along with her mentors, Tielhard De' Chardin and Abraham Maslow.
My personal worldview and the theoretical framework for Celestial Psychology ® have been profoundly influenced by her work. My studies with her brought Celestial Psychology ® to fruition and continue to influence my personal and professional work.
Hubbard calls Conscious Evolution - "Evolution by choice, not by chance"

In this revised edition The 12 Principles of Celestial Psychology, have been subtlety refined to mirror the exciting new trends in science and especially quantum physics that I have become obsessed with learning.

Purchase on Amazon
Psychotherapy Healing Services is accepting new clients
Quantum Psychotherapy is proving to be so effective that clients are gaining benefits and improving their quality of life in quantum- record time! In a quantum heartbeat! Seriously, between the high-energy Tachyonized Healing environment and concepts from Quantum Physics, you can experience a major shift in consciousness and an increase positive mood in no time.
Call Celeste at 860-586-8700 to schedule your first appointment!
Celeste accepts major credit cards and most insurance providers including Husky and Medicare/Medicaid. Sliding scale available.

Share this Lovely Office
Fully-furnished and lovely high-energy
Office Space Available to Share 
Take (or start out*) your Licensed Independent Private Practice to another level in this high-energy, fully equipped office space. The beautiful glass and stone building is conveniently located in the upcoming Design District of West Hartford. It is on the bus line and is handicap accessible.
Your new 11' x 15' office space has large windows, comfortable furniture, and is ideal for family or group practices.
Lovely suite includes waiting area with water bubbler and coffee/tea station. Treat your clients to the best experience possible with meditation area, TV, and wi-fi access.
Everything you need for your success is included in this rental space—even marketing, supervision, and billing help.
Cost is flexible and can be
commensurate with use.
Call or text Celeste: 860-798-6176 Visit https://www.celestialempowerment.com/rental-available

*Some of you may remember that while I was on Farmington Ave in WH, years ago, I helped about a 1/2 dozen or more clinicians get started in their private practices. Don't delay! Start today!