Back to School Basics: What You Need to Know Now
  1. For our first week, Monday, August 31st, Tuesday, September 1st, and Wednesday, September 2nd, we will have 1:30 dismissals for Early Childhood, Lower School, and Middle School, which will help our students acclimate to mask-wearing and will also give the school the opportunity to adjust as we observe the new protocols.
  2. Buy masks for your children; experiment with which ones are most comfortable so students are prepared to wear them throughout the day every day, kindergarten through 12th grade. Plan on your child bringing 5 masks to school each day in case any get lost for a quick and easy replacement. Bandannas are not acceptable as face masks; masks must fit snugly over the nose and mouth.
  3. There is mandated self-quarantine for families returning from hot spots, designated by Governor Murphy. Families and teachers will quarantine for two weeks prior to school’s opening on August 31st. Please refer to this site for details regarding travel advisories. Please take this precaution seriously; it gives us the greatest chance of remaining open.
  4. All students must have a flu shot by November 1st with documentation provided to the nurse.
  5. Students/staff who are not feeling well for any reason should NOT come to school or enter the school building. 
  6. On Monday-Thursday, High School will dismiss at 4:30. Fridays will be remote.
  7. On Monday-Thursday, N3-8th grade will dismiss at 3:35; on Fridays, dismissal will be at 1:30.
  8. Parents will report any COVID-19 infections within their family to the school nurse as soon as they are known.
  9. Emergency contacts are expected to be reachable immediately; emergency contacts must be available to pick up their children within one hour of being called by the school if they are informed of student illness.
  10. Nebulized medications will not be administered at school. If your child has asthma, please send an inhaler and spacer instead to manage symptoms.
  11. All students must have up to date health forms, including emergency contacts and contact information for their pediatrician.

Ariel Levenson, Eliezer E. Rubin and Aron Srolovitz