Dear NSSRA Families,

As we prepare to return to in-person programming, we have established new eligibility and safety guidelines for staff and participants. Participants interested in registering for in-person programming will be required to complete an assessment to determine eligibility. Once the assessment is submitted, staff will review the assessment, pair it with recent experience with the participant (if any), and call families to ask any additional questions staff may have and ultimately to let them know the outcome.

As always, evaluations of reasonable accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis to ensure that NSSRA has as much information as possible about the specifics of the request being made, and NSSRA retains the right at all times to re-evaluate participation when a situation is creating a direct threat of safety.

To determine eligibility for programs beginning July 20, a Participant Assessment must be submitted by Monday, June 22, prior to registration for Session I programs beginning on Monday, June 29. Complete the Participant Assessment here.

In-person options for Session I will include late afternoon/evening programs during the week and one program on Saturday mornings. The majority of programs will be offered to participants ages 8 and up, and include options for fitness, arts and crafts, socialization and Gator Athletics. We are looking forward to expanding program opportunities with each session.

With questions, contact Recreation Manager Dani Kern at .
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