Volume 8 #61
Return To Parish Life, Parishioner Info
20200530 V8, #61
Dear Parishioners,

As a people of faith, we are experiencing a uniquely challenging spiritual journey these past months. We have been physically separated and unable to celebrate Mass together, and you have had to fast from the Eucharist, denying yourselves the Bread of Life. Right now there is nothing more essential, more necessary, more urgently needed than the grace of God made present in the liturgy and sacraments.

We are preparing to reopen our parish church. This milestone is just one small step toward returning to the proper life of the Church, even with many modifications, constraints, and precautions to limit any potential resurgence of infection in our community. We must remain vigilant and cautious of our physical health and that of our neighbor, even as we return to the proper care of our spiritual health.

What two things do I need from you?
--Step up to volunteer (Use this link HERE to reserve a seat at Mass and to stewardship your time and talent).

Welcome Back.
Fr. John
Register for seating or to assist with
Hospitality/Greeting or Cleaning at

There are 75 slots available at each Mass for seating;
five people are needed at each Mass for Hospitality or Cleaning.
Here are some other things to keep in mind:

Mass attendance is Optional, not Obligatory: The dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days remains in effect until further notice. Those who are not well must remain at home and those who believe they are at risk of infection should exercise prudence.
--vulnerable persons/weakened immunity should not attend
--the ideal reopen date is June 6/7, 2020 weekend. This date is fluid if we can meet DIOCESAN REQUIREMENTS.
Live stream of Sunday Mass will now be at 10:30am

Safe-Distancing, Attendance Limits, and Other Precautions:
--there will be marked areas for individuals & family members at 6-ft intervals. Family members may sit together in a separate area but must maintain a 6-ft separation from the next family.
--we are limited to a total number of attendees of 75 per Mass.
--seating areas will be marked appropriately
--See pix at bottom of page for church floor/seat markings
--face masks are encouraged, but not required.

Liturgical Accommodations/Modifications
--The Sign of Peace is omitted
--Communion in the hand recommended; on the tongue is permitted
--Communicants will process down the middle aisle or side perimeter (wall) aisles (beginning from the rear) and return to the pews via the wing aisles. This is a slight change from regular practice.
--The Precious Blood is not distributed
--There are two postures: sitting or standing; no kneeling
--There are no missalettes or weekly bulletins available.
--The choir will provide limited music; there is no congregational singing (but you can hum along)
--The collection offering is placed in the Gathering Space only.
--Please follow the direction of our Hospitality ministers in all situations.
--Restroom use is discouraged, but available.

The full details of the diocesan standards for safe public liturgies is posted on the  Parish Reopening Plan website .
"We can't return to normal
because the normal we had was precisely the problem"
(Hong Kong subway graffiti)
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