Resuming Public Mass: Next Step
June 14, 2020

Hello Parishioners of St. James and Good Shepherd,

It’s been wonderful to see some of you in person these last weeks in our comeback to public Mass! Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Whether worshiping at home or church, you have been amazing in these unknown waters. We are ready for the next plan. It’s important to note that archdiocesan Mass directives still are in place for the new schedule and posted below.

THE NEXT TWO WEEKS (June 20-21, 27-28)
Mass will be open to all who would like to come. You are no longer limited by your last name.
There is still a capacity limit of 25% and thus a slight chance that you could be turned away at the door. With the attendance we have seen so far, we think that this chance is minimal but still a possibility as more and more people feel comfortable coming to Mass.
Masses on June 20-21, 27-28: (Going to either parish is certainly permissible but please attend only one Mass)
  • Saturday 4:30pm Masses are celebrated only at Good Shepherd
  • Sunday 10:00am Masses are celebrated only at St. James

A second weekend Mass at each parish will be added to resume our normal schedule for summer:
We continue at 25% capacity until conditions change, so beginning the weekend of July 4-5 through August...
  • Saturday 4:30pm Masses at BOTH Good Shepherd & St. James
  • Sunday 9:00am Masses at St. James (note time change from previous weeks)
  • Sunday 9:30am Masses at Good Shepherd

We continue to post Mass on both parish websites and social media for those who do not wish to return yet.

For this new schedule, we continue our procedure for Mass:
  • Upon entering the parking lot, please ensure proper social distancing to and from your vehicle.
  • The main entrance (under the canopy) will be the only entrance. It will open 30 minutes before Mass. Please stay in your car until the doors are opened.
  • Masks are highly recommended for all over the age of 3.
  • With no offertory collection during Mass, a basket is available to drop your offering as you enter or exit.
  • Ushers will direct you to your seat. Please understand you might not be seated where you normally sit.
Procedure during Mass:
  • Music sheets will be available. Please take the music sheets home with you. It is also available on our parish website in case you would like to use your phone to follow along.
  • There will be no physical contact during the Mass, including the Sign of Peace and the Our Father.
  • We will have hand sanitizer available but we would also recommend that you bring your own small bottle so you can sanitize your hands before and after Holy Communion. 
  • It is recommended that masks be worn until after the Communion minister passes. Then the mask may be removed to consume the Body of Christ. 
  • Communion will only be received in the form of the Precious Body and will be dropped in the cupped hands to avoid direct contact. For obvious reasons, no reception on the tongue will be allowed.
  • Please remain in your seat until the final processional song has concluded. Ushers will dismiss you to ensure proper social distancing. Please be patient. All exit doors will be open and available.
Some things to remember:
  • The Archbishop has lifted the obligation to attend Sunday Mass through Sunday, August 2nd.
  • All defined by the health department as more vulnerable should consider worshiping from home.
  • Please understand that you may be turned away if the 25% capacity is reached. We will live stream, record and post the Mass in case you are not able to be in the physical church at this time.
  • If you are not feeling well, have a fever, or are sick, please worship from home.
  • The church building has been deep cleaned and sanitized following the guidelines/directives provided by the CDC and Catholic Mutual Group. Your parish staff is doing everything they can do to keep you safe in and around our Worship space to help prevent and stop the spread of COVID-19.
  • Per direction from the Archbishop, no Communion for the homebound will be given.

As we adjust to the comeback, there is the possibility schedules or procedures could change.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact:
Sal Vazquez at both parishes ( ; 414-791-6012)
Corinna Ramsey at Good Shepherd ( ; 262-345-3897)
Bryan Ramsey at St. James ( ; 262-253-2915)

Again, thank you for your extraordinary understanding and cooperation. One of our core beliefs is to protect all life, so it’s in the interest of keeping everyone safe and caring for others that we continue to make adjustments.

May we continue to be united in Christ through the Mass, either in our homes or gathered in person. And may God bless us all for being Courageous Catholics who long for His true presence in our lives.

Your Good Shepherd & St. James Leadership Teams