Dear Mountain Laurel Families:
Our multidisciplinary Return To School Task Force is putting all its creative energy, strategic visioning, and professional skill sets together to plan the reopening of our school. We have consulted with an Infectious Disease specialist and other medical professionals, studied local, state, and national guidelines, and compiled best practices both nationally and internationally. The MLWS 2020/21 Health & Safety Guidelines and Best Practices related to COVID-19 document is the result of this research.

Under current conditions (Stage 4 and < 5% infection rate in Ulster County), we intend to be fully open for on-campus learning in September.
Although we are unsure of what the Fall will bring in terms of viral spread, community transmission, and state and local regulations, we are certain that we will need to be tremendously flexible as a school and as a community. 
We know that we will need to be prepared for the possibility of school cancellations and a return to social distancing measures. To this end, we will need to consider a combination of distance learning, social distancing policies, and supports within the school. We will continue to communicate as we work through the possibilities.  
Our goal is to maintain the health and safety of our students and staff. With many unknowns still on the horizon, we plan on being ready with our programs in place and the school equipped with adequate health and safety precautions to welcome your children full time on campus in September.
We will follow the NY State Guidelines for In-Person Instruction at Pre-K to Grade 12 Schools (see attached) and we will meet their expectations in the way best suited to teaching our students on our campus. 
There are many unknowns and a paucity of data, given the novel and serious situation we are facing. That said, as a community, we are well-equipped to bring compassion, thoughtfulness, creativity, and science to this moment. 
Our Return to School Curriculum and Learning plans will be shared with you by July 31st. In order to be prepared for any possible situation are working on three scenarios as mandated by NYS:
  • All On Campus for a full day
  • Remote (Beyond the Classroom) learning
  • Hybrid model

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns.

In Resilience, 
Susan and Patricia