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July 2021 eNews

Even gorgeous royal chariots wear out,
and indeed this body too wears out.
But the Dhamma of the Good does not age;
thus the Good make it known to the good.

—Dhammapada v. 151

Greetings from MABA
Please note:
MABA continues to be closed to the public.

Join us this summer on Sundays for
LIVE Guided Meditations and Dharma Talks on Zoom!
Dear Dharma Friends,

The quietude of mornings at MABA bring thoughts of upekkhā (equanimity) to the fore. The gentle nature of our surroundings shows us the importance of interconnectedness, of living in harmony with all beings. A quiet walk in the woods can find us face to face with a serenity found in the eyes of a vulnerable new life. We look, we learn, we understand, we walk away, we let go, our hearts lighter.
We have a lot of news this month. First, after two years of study, our DPBS students are in the homestretch: final exams are July 10-11! New educational opportunities are below. Then, beginning on July 18, MABA returns to weekly Sunday Services, continuing on Zoom (link below) and Facebook Live. Master Jiru leads services on July 4. All are welcome, come join us!
Chán Hall Improvements
Chán Hall now has a new ductless wall-mounted heat pump for heating and air conditioning! Perfect for our needs, and so quiet, too. Definitely a worthwhile investment.

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to Sam, Bret, and Thoshitha for their hard work helping Master with the installation. More images may be found on our media page.

As is always the case, now we could use a few volunteers for a few hours to help clean up inside Chán, lunch provided! Please contact the office if you can help this week, even for an hour or two. Thank you for your time.

The exterior has also been stained and Chán looks great. We can't wait for you to join us in person later this year!
Have you seen MABA's redesigned website?

Easier to navigate and faster to load; pardon us while we put on the finishing touches. Our thanks to Taylor, Cory, Francesca, and Ven. Kongshi for their help!
Art at the Pavilion
Meet Meressa, MABA's first artist-in-residence!

While cycling with her dog, Beetle (lower right) along the Katy Trail, Meressa stopped by for a short visit and offered to paint the posts in the Sudhaná Children's Pavilion.

Such beautiful whimsy will delight children young and old alike for years to come.

More of her art may be found on our media page.

We look forward to Meressa stopping by on her return trip to add more images. Thank you, Maressa!
Coming up, on August 1 we will open registration for our first retreat of the year, a one-day Mindfulness for All Walks of Life Retreat on August 28. More details in next month's eNews.

As areas continue to open up to the public, please remember to stay safe, even after being fully vaccinated. Follow the CDC guidelines. If you're in doubt, it's OK to continue to wear a mask indoors around people you don't know. Be vigilant, the Delta variant is about to move through our area. News reports indicate that almost all of the people now being hospitalized for COVID are unvaccinated. The vaccines are safe and effective in reducing sickness and deaths. Please get vaccinated, your loved ones need you.

Also, the Red Cross is calling for blood donations. And every donation will save at least three lives, please help if you can.

As always, we are grateful for your ongoing support. Please stay well, we will see you soon.

Your Friends in the Dharma,

The Community at MABA

Registration Now Open!
Click on one of the images below for more information on these two very worthwhile programs. We hope you will join us for one, or both, of these educational opportunities that are unique to the St. Louis (and Midwest) area.
MABA Calendar
July 4 - Sunday Services - Dharma Talk by Master Jiru (use Zoom link below)
July 10-11 - DPBS Final Exams!
July 18 - Sunday Services - Dharma Talk by Ven. Kongyan (use Zoom link below)
July 25 - Sunday Services - Dharma Talk by Xianji Lee (use Zoom link below)

August 1 - Sunday Services - Dharma Talk by Xiankuan Don Yeye (use Zoom link below)
August 8 - Sunday Services - Dharma Talk by Xianxing Sherrie (use Zoom link below)
August 15 - Sunday Services - Dharma Talk by Xianchu Cory (use Zoom link below)
August 22 - Sunday Services - Dharma Talk by Xianhuan Francesca (use Zoom link below)
August 28 - Retreat: Mindfulness for All Walks of Life
August 29 - Sunday Services - Refuge and Precepts Ceremony (use Zoom link below)
Summer Schedule (Central Time-US)

MABA's Sunday Services and Book Study Group will meet every Sunday
beginning July 18 (use Zoom link below).
Sunday Services Schedule:
  • 9:15 am -- Meditation Instruction Video
  • 9:30 am -- Guided Sitting Meditation
  • 10:00 am -- Dharma Talk
  • 10:40 am – Chanting (in English), Announcements, and Short Break
  • 11:00 am -- Book Study Group (reading On the Path)

Zoom link for MABA Sunday Services:
Meeting ID: 880 7239 2264
Passcode: 130185

Or, find MABA Sunday Services Live on Facebook

Our Sunday Book Study Group will continue reading and discussing Thanissaro Bhikkhu's On The Path on Sundays as a part of regular services.

We are currently reading Chapter Five: Right Speech and Right Action. All are welcome, no experience necessary. We are looking forward to another visit with Ajaan Geoffrey this summer, stay tuned. To sign up for these hour-long classes, contact Xianxing Sherrie at retreat@maba-usa.org to receive the free .pdf book. Or join us for Sunday Services and download it then.

Come read a good book with us this summer!

MABA Cares
The MABA community is happy to be of benefit to any of our sangha members in difficulty, and we are able to help in several ways. If you are in a food emergency, MABA can provide supplies from MABA's pantry; if you cannot make it out to the monastery, we can deliver. For longer-term food assistance, we can help you find a food pantry.

Master Jìrú can provide spiritual counseling and moral support, while if you need professional mental health counseling we can help you find a provider. If you feel unsafe, let us know.

We are please to announce that Taylor, one of our sangha members, has just earned certification as an End of Life Doula.

Please have no fear of reaching out; anyone can fall into difficulty, and there is no shame in a helping hand from a friend. Reach out to MABA at www.maba-usa.org/contact-us if you need assistance.

Dharma Talks and Guided Meditations
MABA continues to upload past Dharma Talks, and
can be found at MABA's YouTube channel (more to come):

This month's guided meditation from
Xiǎnkuān Don Yeye:
Xiǎnkuān continues to post new guided meditations on YouTube. Learn how to calm the mind, gain insight, and cultivate loving kindness and compassion here:

Six Pathways is available in both softcover and e-book at Amazon.com. Stay tuned for Volume II later this year!
Photos, Events, and More!

To view more photos from events at MABA, please visit our Media page.

Please visit our Event Calendar for upcoming events.
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