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Important Info from the Parent Liaison

Class of 2021, 2022, and 2023 Colorado Families,

Please read the letter below from our USAFA Parent Liaison with the latest and greatest information regarding the last group of cadets returning to USAFA. We'll continue to keep you posted as new information is released!

-The Colorado Parents' Club

Dear Parents,
As we continue to execute successful summer programs and overcome new challenges each day, we wanted to provide you information about our last group of returning cadets. In a little over two weeks, on/about July 26-27, the remaining cadet student body will return to USAFA, and the cadet wing will be at full strength here for the first time in nearly 140 days. We appreciate that many families didn’t expect their cadet to return suddenly for several months, and thank you for your support during this unprecedented time. At USAFA, our first priority continues to be the health and welfare of all of the cadets and our staff members and it took a lot of planning to come up with options for bringing the whole cadet wing safely back.
Last week, the Commandant of Cadets emailed the last returning cadets directly and asked them to make smart decisions to protect our collective health and set the wing up for success heading into the fall semester. Specifically she asked them to adhere to a pre-return "Self-ROM" (restriction of movement) at home for the two weeks leading up to their travel. This Self-ROM entails many of the same things we are doing here at USAFA, such as minimizing contact with people outside your household, utilizing drive thru and takeout options instead of dining in restaurants, avoiding large gatherings and crowded public places, and following CDC guidance on physical distancing and mask wear. Following a Self-ROM period prior to returning to USAFA will limit exposure and help protect the wing when all the cadets are back.
Upon arrival back to USAFA, cadets will head straight to the cadet gym for initial medical screening and COVID testing, and complete their 14-day ROM period in their dorms. Cadets will be tested again at days 7, 10, and 14, and should have the final test results back prior to the start of in-person classes starting on August 12.
Returning cadets who have a known exposure to a COVID-19 case will be placed in quarantine. Cadets who test positive themselves or have symptoms that could be related to COVID-19 will be placed in isolation. USAFA follows public health guidance for the structure of Quarantine and Isolation (Q&I). There are rooms in the dormitory towers that are designated for Q&I where cadets and permanent party personnel are on-site 24 hours a day. If in isolation, cadets remain there until they meet CDC criteria for release (which currently is 10 days minimum, 3 days fever free, and respiratory symptoms improving). If in quarantine, cadets typically remain there for 14 days. We have a large team of dedicated medical professionals caring for all of our cadets, and specifically oversee and release cadets from isolation.
Our efforts to provide dedicated Q&I rooms here on USAFA has stressed our facility capacity, and led our staff to pursue temporary off-base housing options for a limited number of cadets. If/when the off-base option is implemented, it will be for healthy cadets and used for the least amount of time required. USAFA leadership is taking multiple precautions to ensure any cadets living off installation are cared for and protected both physically and mentally.   
This is a very unusual time for our Nation, and at USAFA, we are doing everything possible to ensure the health and safety of our cadets and staff members. We make every effort to keep parents informed. If you wish to contact us due to a family emergency or a mental health concern, please email: .  Mental health concerns are always investigated and taken seriously! For further USAFA-specific information about COVID including past communications, please visit our COVID website at:
We are looking forward to having the entire Cadet Wing back at USAFA. We appreciate and value your support while we continue to train and prepare second lieutenants for the Air and Space Forces during this global pandemic.
 Thank you,
Parents' Liaison
Strategic Communications
U.S. Air Force Academy, CO
(719) 333-3828   Toll Free 877-268-3383 Fax (719) 333-1433
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