Returning to Research
Dear Colleagues,

We continue to refine our processes for resuming research at Idaho State University. If you have not previously received approval to conduct research, please complete the Health Exception Request Form . The information on the form will be reviewed by a campus committee of health professionals who will inform you about your ability to begin research again. More information about the University’s rebound plan is available online at .

Some of the main considerations include wearing face covering while in public spaces or in the presence of other people, limiting the number of people who are participating at any one time, requiring people to stay home when sick, and restricting vehicle occupancy to one person per vehicle. Also, when returning to labs, please be sure to run faucets to clear the pipes of stagnant water.

We have posted additional guidelines online to assist your return to research.

Thank you for your patience and be well,

–– The Office for Research Team
Idaho State
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