June 11, 2020
New Resource: Guide for Law Firms: Returning to the Office after the Pandemic
The Government of Alberta announced that Stage 2 of the relaunch strategy is moving forward on Friday, June 12, ahead of schedule. This may have implications for Alberta lawyers as they consider returning to the office.

Before reopening your office, you should become familiar with workplace guidance and sector-specific directives issued by the Governments of Alberta and Canada. It is also important to implement measures to comply with public health requirements and workplace guidance to reduce the risk of COVID-19 among staff and clients.

Read this guide for further tips on how to navigate this transition, on topics including communication with your team, assessing the risks, planning for the return and what to do once you're back.
New Resource: Protecting Client Confidentiality and Data Security While Working Remotely
With COVID-19 creating unprecedented health risks around the globe, criminals are taking advantage of the disruption to phish, hack, steal and ransom their way into computer networks.

As staff and lawyers perform their jobs outside the office, with limited access to IT support, criminals have increased opportunities to disrupt a firm or organization’s operations.

In response to these risks, the Law Society is helping lawyers to:

  • Prevent fraud and scams that could jeopardize clients’ interests;
  • Recognize the security implications of working remotely;
  • Implement measures to mitigate against potential security breaches; and
  • Use legal technology to deliver legal services safely and securely.

Cloud computing is one such type of technology that ensures data is safely and regularly backed up, and that all members of your team have access to the most current information and documents, even while working remotely. Learn the basics, benefits and risks to cloud computing on our website .
New coming into force date for Divorce Act amendments
The amendments to the Divorce Act in former Bill C-78 were scheduled to come into force on July 1, 2020. As a result of delays to implementation efforts at both the provincial/territorial and federal levels caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a new coming into force date of March 1, 2021 has been approved by Treasury Board.