February 2023 in Review

January 26: Movers arrived to pack most of our worldly possessions; we scoured the house to make sure we got everything out, and still forgot a lot; started driving at 5:30pm, made it as far as Jackson, Mississippi. 

January 27: Drove from Jackson to Sweetwater, Texas; had lunch at a What-a-Burger somewhere in Texas - it was ok; saw an amazing sunset that seemed to last forever, though driving West might have helped. 

January 28: Drove from Sweetwater to Lordsburg, New Mexico; Google suggested state highways in order to avoid construction on I-20, and we saw some amazing scenery and virtually no traffic; shortly after viewing my first tumbleweed I hit my first tumbleweed, while listening to Tumbling Tumbleweeds by the Sons of the Pioneers.  

January 29: Drove from Lordsburg, New Mexico to La Mesa, California; for 100 miles saw billboards advertising “The Thing,” and decided we needed to see it. It’s an incredibly well done set of displays depicting a fever dream of conspiracies; in essence, aliens are in charge of everything and are pitting us against each other; at the end of the tour we saw “The Thing,” a mummified, humanoid simian, found in the depths of a copper mine. It was worth the stop. 

January 30: Drove to Torrance to retrieve Jennifer’s car, which we had shipped from Columbus; met Elaine in person for the first time; thought about staying in the rectory, but decided to go back to Jennifer’s parents’ home in La Mesa. 

January 31: Spent the day chasing Archie and Rachel, and was glad not to be driving anywhere. 

February 1: Drove to the rectory in Palos Verdes Estates, and helped move all of our stuff into the house; planned to come into the office for my first day, but was advised that my place was with Jennifer at the rectory; started the process of unpacking; went to the store with the kids to get the first round of things we didn’t bring with us.  

February 2: Woke up to a beautiful view of the city; started unpacking; went into the office, wrote my newsletter article, met two parishioners, met Claire in person for the first time; went to coffee and had a wonderful walk and conversation with the Rev. Deacon Celeste. 

February 3: Spent the day unpacking, getting moved in, and working on my homily. 

February 4: Went to Costco for the first time, picked up our membership cards, and walked nearly every aisle; unpacked, wrangled children, and then went to the Chinese New Year Celebration at St. Francis. 

February 5: Our first Sunday!! It was wonderful; there was a light rain as I walked up the steps to the church, but after the first service there were no clouds in the sky; Jennifer and I felt very warmly welcomed, and Archie ate his weight in donut holes. 

February 6: Jennifer and the kids were in San Diego; I washed a pile of dishes, unpacked some, hooked up the X-Box and television and played some video games to make sure everything worked; welcomed Jennifer and the kids back home just after lunch; wrangled kids and unpacked the rest of the day. 

February 7: Came to the office and caught up on the month in review; worked on getting settled; answered emails; lunch with the Rev. Rachel Nyback at Frito Misto, which was amazing. Phone call with Father Jerry; home to help Jennifer with our children, who were not being adorable. 

February 8: Answered emails; went to rectory to meet Joel, who attached shelves to the walls to keep them from tipping during an earth or Archie-quake; worked on the calendar/weekly newsletter. 

February 9: Answered emails; wrote for newsletter; meditated in the chapel; prepared for vestry meeting; called five parishioners and spoke with three; met with a person in need of assistance; went to my first Warden’s meeting at St. Francis. 

February 10: Sermon prep; went to Costco Friday morning - not a good idea; took the kids to the park; grilled for the first time at the rectory. 

February 11: Sabbath time; unsuccessfully tried to get rid of cardboard and packing paper; worked around the house, unpacking and picking up; sermon prep. 

February 12: Second Sunday at St. Francis! Another wonderful day; the choir did a wonderful anthem at communion - being able to sit and listen is a joy. 

February 13: Offloaded a ton of cardboard and packing paper; moved the rest of the boxes of books to my church office; caught up on email; started preparing for Lent; met with Mark Bennett; met briefly with David Knight. 

February 14: Caught up on email; worked on Ash Wednesday service; went to my first Deanery Meeting at St. Peter’s in San Pedro; met with Deacon Celeste; prepared for vestry meeting. 

February 15: Talked with Claire about the Balkans; caught up on email; met with Jaime Bellows and Terri Tsuchida to finish paperwork on the rectory; went to finance meeting; went to vestry meeting - we have an amazing vestry! 

February 16: Service planning for Ash Wednesday; wrote for the weekly newsletter; lots of odds and ends. 

February 17: Sermon prep; met young families in the park for pizza and socializing; did more unpacking. 

February 18: Went to urgent care to get prescription refilled; sermon prep; went to Ralph’s in Rancho Palos Verdes - the first grocery store I’ve been to with an ocean view; grilled outside. 

February 19: Third Sunday! It was another great day in church, and the choir did another great job with the anthem.  

February 20: President’s Day - I didn’t realize the office was closed, but I was able to get a lot of work done; prepared for Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday services, as well as Lent and Holy Week.  

February 21: Met with a parishioner and had a lovely visit; prepared for Shrove Tuesday service; Shrove Tuesday service and pancake dinner.  

February 22: Ash Wednesday; staff meeting; prep for services; noon day service; worked on Lenten services; 6:00 pm service.  

February 23: Met with Dick Briggs and Fabrizio Pelá to address the sound issues in the church; wrote e-news article; paperwork. 

February 24: Bought a new couch with the kids in tow - it was character building. Worked on my sermon for Sunday. 

February 25: Sabbath time; sermon prep. 

February 26: First Sunday of Lent, but it was still a joyous service. 

February 27: Caught up on email; called several parishioners and left them messages; had a wonderful chat and prayer with one parishioner; paperwork. 

February 28: Caught up on email; worked on Vestry retreat; met with someone hoping to get married in the chapel; met with parishioner; was surprised by the staff with five individual Nothing Bundt cakes and a beautiful rendition of “Happy Birthday.” Ended the day with a beautiful Taizé service at 7:00.  

Rector, St. Francis Episcopal Church

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Picture of someone eating at a Lenten supper
Lenten Supper series Starts Next Wednesay! Star Wars and The Gospel!
March 8, 15, 22, and 29, Parish Hall. 
Supper 5:30pm, program 6:15pm, finish with Compline at 7pm.
Rev. Jason will be leading our Lenten Series this year!
Join us for a delicious home-made supper prepared by our Friars (mens’ group). Each week a different chef from the group takes the lead!
The cost for the supper is $10 for individuals, $15 for couples, and $20 for families. It would help with planning if you can rsvp in advance to Claire in the office (please say how many will be in your group for each date).
Free childcare will be available from 6pm to the end of the evening.
Lenten Devotional
It's not too late to read or pick up a print copy of our much-loved Parish Lenten Devotional! Entirely written by members of our church community, there is a devotional for each day in Lent, based on the lectionary scriptures of the day. Click here to download your copy.
Meet Your Episcopal Neighbors at Stations of The South Bay 
6pm Fridays In Lent
Episcopalians from across the South Bay are joining together for the Stations of the Cross, which is a long-standing tradition in the wider church. We’ll be here at St. Francis on the 10th, but please come to others if you can, to meet your Episcopal neighbors, share our spiritual lives, and be in communion with one another.

This Friday - Mar 3rd, 6pm - Christ Church, Redondo Beach
Mar 10th, 6pm - St Francis, Palos Verdes
Mar 17th, 6pm - St Andrews, Torrance
Mar 24th, 6pm - Christ Church, Redondo Beach
Mar 31st, 6pm - St Cross, Hermosa Beach

Calling all Artists or Writers!
You are invited to participate as an artist or writer for the final Stations at St. Cross, Hermosa Beach on March 31st. You may paint, draw, knit, quilt, compose music or any other creative offering! Or write an original written reflection for a station. (200 words or less).

St. Cross hopes to have 16 different artists and 16 different writers all contributing. On March 31st, the stations will be on display at St. Cross for a service at 6pm.

For more information, or to participate contact The Rev. Josh Paget, Associate for Pastoral Care and Community Development, St. Cross Hermosa Beach

Sundays - Holy Communion
8:00 a.m. - Rite I in-person worship in the Chapel, with hymns. This service is not live-streamed.

10:00 a.m. - Rite II in-person worship in the main church with music. Live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube, and available for watching later.

Please contact Kristina Pelá to arrange for a Lay Eucharistic Minister to safely bring you communion.

Yoga with Jill!
IMPORTANT NOTE —Please pray for Jill who is recovering from surgery. There will be NO classes for the next 3 weeks, but she is planning to resume the week of March 27.

A spiritual mind and body practice!
  • Mondays 11:15am - 1:00pm - Level 1/2 Hatha Yoga
  • Wednesdays 9:00-10:30am Level 1 Gentle Yoga
Parish Hall. No set fees - classes are free-will offering. Questions? Jill Fenske

Thursdays from 9:30-10:30am in our church sanctuary; masks optional. Please join us for meditation, followed by a time of conversation.
Contact - Susie Zimmerman
Coffee Hour Ministry
It's quick and easy to sign up - just pick a day. More than one person or household can sign up on the same day, so you don't have to be on your own.
  • We'll show you what to do.
  • We reimburse expenses.
Sunday School

Bring your children to Sunday School for our wonderful Montessori-based, Godly Play curriculum.
Godly Play makes meaning through story, wonder, and play. Nurturing spiritual lives by honoring the centrality, competency, and capacity of children. You and your children will be blessed by these teachings.
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