If we look deeply into the evolution of our species, we see that in former times we have been a rock, a tree, and an animal.
- Thich Nhat Hanh in Going Home


I cannot exist without in some sense taking part in you, in the child I once was, in the breeze stirring the down on my arm, in the child starving far away, in the flashing round of the spiral nebula.
- Catherine Keller quoted in Lighting a Candle by Molly Young Brown


As much as I use the practice of Advent as a guide in these days, I find more to fill each day than the hours available. So I am reminded that Advent is not only a time for waiting, but preparation, and so I prepare...for special moments, for visits from loved ones, and to give gifts, especially to organizations that share my values, that remind me of the interdependence of the web of all. 

I love leading worship in a darkened sanctuary, where I am reminded of the deep connections to you, to those across the country, to the spiral nebula that show me how remarkable is our world. I love all our generations gathering together, connecting me to both my childhood and my old age. I love theologian Catherine Keller's reminder that creation is not a beast to be tamed, but a deep mystery. All these small pieces connect me. 

Where might I find (or create) connection today? 
The Living Tradition

Christmas Eve Together
Make sure your plans include worship at UUFD. Services at 4pm and 6pm. We'll celebrate hope and joy. Our choir will sing, and we'll light candles in the dark, celebrating Love for the new year. 
Fellowship at 5pm with cookies + nog. 

Come Sunday

What part do you play in the story of two lost people who made their way? Our choir will sing, our children will take part, and we'll fellowship afterwards, decorating our tree, eating cookies and caroling. 
ALWAYS in the love,   Rev. Katie 
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