Be the first to give the Salam. -saying for Ramadan
The Ramadan Spirit

It's hard to focus on spirituality when there's so much in the real world to steal our attention.       -Wajahat Ali

It's Ramadan. It's the holy month which takes place in the ninth month of the Muslim year, where fasting is observed from sunrise to sunset. Not currently living in a place where there is a large Muslim community, I need to remember the importance of this holiday in so many other places in the world. I need to remember how this holiday is important here

The Quran says that fasting is a helpful and healthy practice. I will not observe fasting, but I can certainly pay more attention to what I put in my mouth throughout the day. I can remember the importance of prayer, or pausing, on a daily basis. Like Wajahat Ali, my aim is to become more " disciplined and mindful, grateful for my privileges, spiritually aware and more compassionate." 

How might a spiritual focus to the month help me to be the best version of myself? How might I be prompted to find that focus? 
The Living Tradition

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Come Sunday

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We also celebrate the gifts of Pentecost. 

Always in the love,              Rev. Katie 

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