And how do we respond and how do we hold one another
When we can’t hold one another and how do we stay together
And stick together and worship together when we can’t be together
Yet we are, here we are, we are
-Rod richards
Rev. Katie's Animas View
Dear Ones,

I have attended and returned from General Assembly without any airport waiting, or airplane boarding, or seat squishing, without having to find the transfer to take the train. Originally, we were to be in Providence, Rhode Island, which is tricker to get to from here.

I'm mixed. It was an incredible General Assembly, held completely virtually, and the fact that I could attend via my computer make it easy for me to attend almost everything. Usually, navigating the distances at any convention hall makes it hard to map out decisions or change your mind when you realize you're in the wrong place. Yet I missed the myriad of connections, the travel time of walking and flying that provides room for reflection.

The theme for this year was " Rooted, Inspired, & Ready ." A song from the Saturday worship, an old southern gospel song, I Believe in Being Ready ,
has stuck with me and will serve as a mantra for my ministry in the year ahead. I hope to bring back, through various ministry teams and in worship, what I experienced this year.

In the meantime, visit the online version of the Unitarian Universalist periodical, UUWorld , to check in with what our people are doing across the nation and the world.

Sunday Worship

This holiday weekend, our Summer Series lifts up Universalist physician and social reformer, Benjamin Rush. Our member Tom Miller will introuduce us to this benevolent signer of the Declaration of Independence. Join via the UUFD website .

Always in the Love,

Rev. Katie
The Rev. Katie Kandarian-Morris
P.S. Minister's Circle is on summer hiatus.