The body sticks to the facts. -Alice Miller, The Drama of the Gifted Child
Keepin' on                                           

When the funds are low and the debts are high
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest if you must, but don't you quit.
-John Greenleaf Whittier

The fire in our community continues. Two weeks now it has been burning; people are getting tired. Experts on hypervigilance suggest that we make room for rest time, to not feel guilty when needing just to "veg out" on the sofa. There are still lots of wonderful summer activities going on in Durango that could use your attendance, and you might be well served with taking a break. 

What does my body (and mind) need in these days of increased stress?
The Living Tradition

Emergency Funds Available  UUFD has received resources from the UUA Disaster Relief Fund and can be helpful to your need. Please contact me  or our Social Justice Team  if you, or someone you know needs funds. 

San Juan Public Health  has helpful updates about the 416 Fire with printouts for pre-evacuation and health risks. 

4 Corners UU Retreat  7/13-15, register now. 

Come Sunday

We kick off our Summer Series considering big questions for living. 

I'll help our youngest ones frame our question.

Always in the love,              Rev. Katie 

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