Rev. Paul's Inspirational Message
"Seeing Miracles"
Have you ever seen a miracle? Have you ever seen the impossible happen right before your eyes? Miracles are the supernatural work of the hand of God. They are mighty works that God does for us and through us that we are unable to do for and by ourselves. Miracles happen everywhere every day. For sincere believers, miracles are a common occurrence, although we may not always recognize them. You may ask, where are all of these miracles taking place, and how can I see them? For those who have experienced a spiritual transformation, a look in the mirror will reveal the closest miracle at hand. You are the miracle with which you are most familiar. Your transformed life is a manifestation of God’s supernatural work. What God has done in your life is not the natural work of human hands. It is the supernatural work of the hand of God. Hence, it is easy to see a miracle. Just take a glance in the mirror and see the miracle that God continues to perform and perfect daily in you.

We often fall short in our faith by believing miracles are only for certain people. However, those of us who know and believe in the power of prayer know that God is performing miracles daily. When we wake up in the morning and reflect on how God kept us through the night, we must acknowledge it is a miracle. When we think of God’s daily protection, there is no question it is a miracle. The danger that was avoided, the pain that subsided, the healing we experienced. The changes we see in our lives, and in the lives of those we love and for whom we pray. These are all miracles.

Do you see the miracles that are all around you? In nature? In your life? In your family? And in the world? Do you acknowledge the hand of God upon your life and in the lives of those you love? Do you see God’s mighty work in the challenges of life? Are you mindful of how God works to perform miracles for you with each passing day? If you are, then be a witness for God and his Son Jesus Christ by manifesting his miracles to the world. Tell somebody about your miracle. Let someone know what God has done in your life and your eyesight. Speak boldly and confidently about the miracles you have seen, and you will accomplish four things. First, you will give God glory. Second, you will increase your faith. Third, you will be a blessing to someone else’s faith and spiritual journey. Fourth, and lastly, you will help others recognize the miracles in their own life. All you have to do is open your eyes and see the miracles around you and then tell the world what God has done.

In the midst of a miracle,

Rev. Paul

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Rev. Paul Hobson Sadler, Sr., Senior Pastor
Mt. Zion Congregational Church, United Church of Christ
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