Rev. Paul's Inspirational Message
"Dealing with Frustation"
Frustration is a byproduct of living that comes from dealing with unmet expectations. We expect more of people, institutions, and our world. When those expectations are not met, frustration is the result. So, how do you deal with frustration? Do you scale down your expectations to accommodate incompetence and laziness? Do you always demand more of people and institutions than they are either unable or unwilling to deliver? No, because this will cause you to live in a constant state of frustration. My suggestion is to reevaluate your situation and see what part of your expectations of others can be examined.
People often cannot live up to your standards, either because they have never seen or experienced the level or degree of excellence, competence, or service that you have seen. Many years ago, when I was tasked with training pastors for our denomination, I learned a good lesson. After spending hours trying to utilize the traditional classroom model, I realized it would not bring about the radical transformation my students needed. I decided that the lessons I was attempting to teach in the classroom could be much more effective if learned hands-on. I began to take large groups of pastors to churches where effective ministry was being done. I quickly found that the pastors enjoyed, received, and internalized the lessons much better when learned in context.
Frustration is not healthy and leads to stress and illness. So, rather than being frustrated, take the hands-on approach. Get involved in the resolution of your problem by doing as much for yourself as you possibly can. Then seek and create a circle of people around yourself who see your vision and your level of expectation. As you do, you will find not only will your frustration level decrease, but you and those in your circle will grow and thrive as well. 

Frustration is a natural occurrence, but you can minimize it by turning every frustrating circumstance or situation in your life over to God in prayer. Every step of the way, trust God to be with you to resolve your problem. In doing so, you will experience a sense of accomplishment and peace. Try it today!
Peace and Love,
Rev. Paul
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