Narrative and Financials

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the need to shelter in place, in the space of one week in March, the church staff transformed all our on-campus programming, including Worship, to an on-line format. The Governing Board committed to calling all members and friends to check-in on everyone connected to the congregation. In the weeks since, the staff continues to operate the church while sheltering in place at home. Most church programs, team meetings, etc. continue thanks to the modern miracle known as Zoom. We are using Facebook Live to provide touchpoints of spirituality from Rev. Tim, Dani, Desmond, and a new Facebook Spirituality Team (Karen and Troy Polnitz and Erin and Lourin Hubbard). A Caring for Health Care Workers Team was activated to reach out to any congregants working in health care (Gib Brough, Connie Young, and Don Gaede). A new Caring Hearts Team was recruited and is being trained to provide emotional and spiritual support as needs arise to supplement the work of the Pastoral Care Team. A church-wide Caring Circles program is being implemented by a steering team recruited for that purpose. Rev. Tim offers a spirituality drop-in twice a week via Zoom, and Dani is leading children’s programming as well as an adult class via Zoom.

Financials: The March 2020 Financial Statements are attached to email. The Budget Report reflects the revised budget for FY 2020-21.

Balance Sheet:
General Fund: As of March 31, 2020, the balance in the Operating Account is currently $147,869. The Operating Reserve contains $46,625, while the Sabbatical Reserve has $30,711, and the Maintenance Reserve holds $11,547.

The Mortgage balance is $495,240.

The balance on the Endowment Loan is $81,041.

Building Fund-Restricted: The Restricted Building Fund has a cash balance of $28,352 of which $19,577 is reserved for Future Facilities Expansion.

Endowment Fund: The Endowment Fund contains a balance of $284,060.

Budget-to-Actual Variance Report:

As of March 31, 2020, we should be operating at 75% of the Annual Budget.

  • Pledge Income for the month is $36,607 and stands at 75% collected for the year.
  • Plate Donations are low at 59%, bringing in $380 this month.
  • CashApp Plate Donations are higher bringing in $148 this month.
  • Unpledged Donations are on target at 75% for the year, bringing in $1,990 in March.
  • Church Use is 68% collected for the year, bringing in $4,720 for the month.
  • Auction income netted $4,238 this month.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, March contributions fell short of our monthly target by approximately $15,700.
  • Overall, Total Income collected is on track at 75% of the Annual Budget.
  • Staff Training is over-budget due to coding the Office Temp expense (to assist Pledge Drive launch) to this GL. It will be re-classified as Annual Budget Drive as that line item has only been 27% expended.
  • Copier Maintenance is 100% expended for the budget year.
  • Office Supplies were very high this month at $1,848. Some expenses have been incorrectly charged to this line item. This will be corrected next month. Office supplies are over budget for the year.
  • Property Taxes were paid in full this month.
  • Music Budget - $140 was reclassed from 5459-000 to 5459-001.
  • The bank reconciliation was off balance by $0.70. An adjustment was made using In/Out Clearing 2341-002.
  • Total Expenses are on target at 75%.

Total Income for Mar. 2020                          $48,697
Total Expenses for Mar. 2020 00000000000 $ 59,991
Deficit 00000000000000000000000000000 ($11,294)

If you want to see a specific report of our income stream during COVID-19 from March 28 - May 1, 2020 CLICK HERE .