August 20, 2020
"We are all made in God's Image"
Statement on Palestine by Rev William Barber
Reverend William Barber III places the struggle for justice in Palestine in the broad framework of global struggles against racism, colonialism and white supremacy. "The Palestinian experience is one we can relate to through our own moral and spiritual experience" he writes. "We have to address the displacement of native people wherever they are. Truth and justice cannot be found in narrow tribalism, within the lies of colonialism and white supremacy."

Read Rev. Barbers' powerful reflections on the website. And while you are there, explore the website if you have not already discovered it. Recently revised, it offers an exceptional introduction to the topic of Christian Zionism, geared for Christians across the theological spectrum. Written in direct, accessible language on topics such as "Was Jesus a Zionist?" -- "Does modern Israel inherit the promises made to Abraham?" -- "Who owns the Holy Land?" -- "Who are God’s 'chosen people' today?" is an excellent resource for community and church education and for passing on to friends, family and colleagues.
Upcoming Webinars
A number of webinars focusing on Palestine, Zionism, Christian-Jewish relations, Apartheid, and other critical movement issues are coming up.

This Wednesday, September 9, the seminar series presented by United Methodist Kairos Response and the Methodist Federation for Social Action continues with "Is it anti-Semitic to Criticize the State of Israel?" With Mark Braverman of Kairos USA and Bishop Hope Morgan Ward of the United Methodist Church. Use this link to register.

A recording of the recent webinar on Christian Zionism with Revs. Stephen Sizer and Munther Isaac presented by UMKR and MFSA is now available. To view the webinar and for links to Rev Isaac's powerpoint and information on the presenters' books, click here.

On Sunday, September 13, the Voices from the Holy Land Film Series will be presenting a panel discussion on the acclaimed 2012 film "Roadmap to Apartheid." Panelists will present perspectives from South Africa, Palestine, and the U.S. Click here for further information and a link for viewing the film. If you missed it when it was released, it is even more timely today and is well worth the watching.
Global South for Palestine Statement against Annexation
"Our long history of struggle for self-determination and national sovereignty, and against colonialism, apartheid and the racist ideologies that were used to justify it, is at the core of our deep solidarity with the Palestinian people in their quest for liberation and self-determination."

From the national liberation movements of the mid-20th century and continuing to the present day, the Global South has provided the moral clarity, courage and spiritual strength required to carry on the struggle for economic, social and racial justice. The churches have been a leading edge, beginning with the emergence of liberation theology in Latin America, and continuing to this day with the global kairos movement. The churches of the south carry on this tradition. Read this clear and powerful statement from Global South for Palestine entitled "Africa, Asia and Latin America United Against Annexation."
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